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What Things Are You Most Afraid Of According to Your Zodiac Sign?


You may believe it or don’t; even the smartest person in the world, afraid of something. But how will someone get to know what things terrify them the most? Well, actually, there is one way to avail it- by knowing their zodiac signs. Wondering how?

Well, your zodiac sign can tell a lot of things about you, including the things you are afraid of the most. 

Imagine you are afraid of losing your job, but your colleague is considering it as a new opportunity. You are scared of your neighbor’s untamed dog, but your neighbor considers it funny. Indeed, our zodiac sign reveals a lot about our behavior. 

What Each Zodiac Sign Fears The Most?

There could be anything that can terrify us, and a sign’s biggest fear isn’t just something that creeps them out. In reality, these fears guide our life choices and inform others about our lifestyles. In this article, we have listed what things terrify your soul on the deepest levels based on your zodiac sign. 

But knowing a little more about your fears could help you grow better as a person and help the people around you know you a little bit more.

Aries: (21st March – 19th April)- The Fear of Losing Control


The Aries are considered the Alphas or Leaders of their fields. Therefore, the biggest fear that generally haunts them is the fear of losing control and missing out on their commands. It is not that they are always ‘control freaks,’ but they always try to stay in control, command, and lead any operation.

Taurus: (20th April – 20th May)- The Fear of Uncontrolled Change


The people who have the Taurus zodiac sign might get terrified with sudden or uncalculated changes in their lives, financial situations, education, or even love matters.

They always plan and try their best to walk on stable grounds by following a stable routine to avoid any sudden change or sometimes any change. 

Gemini: (21st May – 20th June)- The Fear of Mundaneness and Boredom


A Gemini person can be stated as just the opposite of a Taurus. Someone belonging to the Gemini zodiac sign tends to avoid routines and live their lives spontaneously with adrenaline drives. The biggest fear of a Gemini is either becoming or misunderstood as a boring person or being stuck in a boring job with very few chances of showing their creative brighter sides. 

Cancer: (21st June – 22nd July)- The fear of Abandonment and Confrontations


You fear two things the most, fear of being left alone or abandonment and confrontations. Cancerians don’t want and dislike people close to you leaving you or going far away from you, as you tend to keep them close. On the other hand, you always try to find new ways to avoid confrontations with your loved ones or colleagues or boss or even teachers, as you believe, confrontations may lead the person to leave you. 

Leo(23rd July – 22nd August)- The Fear of Being Ignored


Like another Alpha Male or Female, Leo fears ignorance the most as they can’t assert dominance. People belonging to this zodiac sign always feel missing out, even surrounded by friends and family; if they do not get the spotlight or attention they believe they deserve, they start to believe that everyone forgets them. And this can seriously disrupt their work performance and way of life. 

Virgo: (23rd August – 22nd September)- Fear of Imperfection and Not Achieving The Targets


If you are a Virgo, maybe you have already set a very high standard for yourself and are trying to achieve your high targets in the way you believe is the most perfect. Therefore, the constant fear in your mind that keeps ticking is the fear of not achieving your targets or expectations in the way you believe is perfect and, therefore, marked as unworthy to others. 

Libra: (23rd September – 22nd October)- Fear of Making Wrong Discussions on Relationships and Finances


The Librans have a unique fear of making wrong decisions on their relationships and finances. You may always question yourself, your partner, and your friends regarding your relationship and always fear if you break up. You also have this fear of investing your hard-earned money, as you think you may lose it due to any perceivable reason that fits your imagination.

Scorpio: (23rd October – 21st November)- The Fear of Unwanted Exposure and Betrayal


You always take every step in your life very calculative and decisively. Yet you could be terrified of unwanted exposure or losing too much information about themselves to unwanted people and later getting betrayed by them.

There is another side to it. Maybe you tend to keep yourself a mystery so that you remain attractive or admired, as the fear of lost admiration is also on your chart. 

Sagittarius: (22nd November – 21st December)- The Fear of Losing Freedom


The Sagittarians can be seen as those people who keep their freedom at the highest order. It could be financial freedom, creative freedom, or freedom of knowledge. Maybe the Sagittarians keep their freedom at the highest priority because losing independence also triggers the fears of becoming a boring person or leading a boring life.

Capricorn: (22nd December – 19th January)- One Word: Failure


Since their childhoods, Capricorn always tries to excel in everything, and as your life progresses, you try to do better and better. But, even if they become the best, the fear of failure always haunts them. Even when they know that no one is better than them in the field, they are in constant fear of losing their potential for a somewhat unnecessary or unworthy cause. 

Aquarius: (20th January – 19th February)- Fear of Losing Individuality and Getting Excluded


If you are an Aquarian, you can even get terrified by the thought of losing your individuality or uniqueness. For that, you don’t want to go out or fear going out of your comfort zone, and then the cycle of fear rotates, and you fear getting excluded.

Pisces: (19th February – 20th March)- Not One But A List of Fears 


Generally, the Pisces people are the most responsible, creative, and trustworthy people, but they face the most troubles for these virtues. The fear of abandonment due to becoming a less responsible person, losing their spirituality, leaving their comfort zone, losing creativity and creative freedom, and most importantly, the fear of rejection and the thought of dying alone and disappointed.

Closing Note:

Fear is normal; not everyone is Hercules. Your zodiac signs associated with your fear are made from a sample size of people born in the months mentioned in the article.

But suppose you are always in fear of something or terrified. In that case, you should seek professional help, not from an Astrologer but a Psychiatrist. Deep down, we are all brave and cowardly, depending on the situation.

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