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Getting Back to Nature with Your Kids: Health and Bonding Benefits

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Spending time outside can have many benefits not only for you but also for your family. Enjoying the great outdoors allows you to bond with your children and offers many health benefits.

It’s essential to instill the importance of good health in your children. Obesity has become a growing concern for many people, and its negative health impacts are high. Poor well-being is a leading reason why purchasing life insurance when overweight costs more than coverage for healthy people.

Fresh air and exercise are just some of the ways to spend time in nature. If you’re not a fan of traditional exercise, the outdoors can offer you and your family a healthy alternative, all while spending time together. Nature provides the perfect chance for you to show your children how to stay healthy and create a strong bond they will never forget. 

Getting Outside Promotes More Movement 

It’s easy to get comfortable on your couch and stay there without moving. However, kids are observers, meaning they will watch what you do and follow suit. When they witness you spending much of your time sitting down and engaging in electronics, they will also prefer less movement in their lives.

Less movement can lead to unhealthy children. Childhood obesity has been steadily increasing in recent decades. Much of this has to do with children living less mobile lifestyles. 

There are many negative consequences of childhood obesity, such as: 

  • Anxiety
  • Asthma
  • Depression
  • Fatty liver disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Joint problems
  • Sleep apnea 

Kids who are obese are more likely to become overweight adults, carrying their health troubles throughout their lives. The health risks may also become more severe as children get older. 

Spending Time Outdoors Has Short and Long-Term Benefits

Children have plenty of energy, which means it is beneficial to exercise and burn off some calories. Spending time outside provides the perfect opportunity for your children to get their bodies moving. 

Children who spend more time outside will also be more eager to do so in the future. Rather than sitting inside, you may find your kids asking on their own if they can go outdoors and play. This time in nature gives your children healthy exercise, increased strength, and better balance. 

Your kids aren’t the only ones who will benefit from this outdoor activity. Choosing options like walking or hiking can also have positive effects on your health as well. This exercise is not only enjoyable, but it’s also easy on your joints and can be done anywhere you choose.

Taking a nice outdoor walk together as a family will increase your daily movement, keeping you and your family healthy. 

Nature Has Many Mental Health Benefits

Educational Field Trips

Not only will spending time outside have a positive physical impact, but there are also many mental benefits — both for you and your children. Getting outside can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Getting Outside Regulates Moods

Soaking up the sun while outdoors provides your body with natural vitamin D, which is essential to help regulate your mood and decrease your chances of depression. Just be sure you stay safe during your time in the sun by applying sunscreen and protecting your skin. 

You may also find the difficulties of a hard day wash away while you enjoy the outdoors. Spending time in nature can help you feel more energized, as it offers a peaceful break from the stresses of everyday life. 

Nature Promotes Confidence and Imagination


You may find your kids gain confidence by spending time outdoors. Studies have shown that children who spend more time outside are more social and outgoing than those who spend more time indoors. Getting your children out in nature can significantly improve their confidence. 

Children who spend more time outdoors also tend to have increased creativity and imagination. While activities like television and video games provide a pre-created story for children to follow, nature offers endless opportunities for them to create their own stories. This time to be imaginative allows your children to flourish in their creative ideas. 

These outings don’t have to be excessive to be effective. Getting outside for even 30 minutes can greatly help you and your children improve mental health.

Bonds Grow Stronger Through Time Outdoors

The Positive Effects Of Nature On Your Well-Being

In the age of technology, life is full of distractions. Cellphones, televisions, and other electronic devices make it hard to give undivided attention to your family.

When you choose to spend time in nature, you drop the distractions of technology. Rather than viewing the lives of others, reading news reports, or playing games, you are offering all your attention to the moment. 

This undistracted time together allows you to create a powerful bond with your children. Rather than paying attention to electronics, you’re offering emotional availability and open communication to your kids, which is needed to form strong connections. 

Shared Experiences in Nature Promote Better Well-Being

Another way being out in nature allows you to grow your bond is through shared experiences. While your kid is outside, they will likely be in awe of the world around them. Tall trees, beautiful flowers, and even woodland critters are all exciting finds to a child. When you are not distracted, you can share these moments with them. 

Children who develop a strong bond with their parents at a young age will likely have better overall well-being than those who do not. Children gain trust, empathy, self-regulation, and confidence through connections with their parents. 

Natural Health and Bonding

old woman exercise

Although it may seem easy to forego time spent outdoors for other, seemingly more leisurely activities, it is essential to spend time in nature — both for you and your children. Taking a break from the electronics and daily stresses of life to relax and enjoy time outside has many benefits.

Nature offers countless health benefits, from exercise to mental well-being. You will lower both your and your child’s chance of obesity and improve your daily mood. Your children’s imaginations and creativity will flourish by spending time outside. Better physical health can improve financial health by lowering stress and life insurance costs.

Being outside also offers you the opportunity to create a real connection and bond with your child. Those memories are moments they will never forget. 

Although life may seem hectic, the positive aspects of time spent outdoors are far too good to pass up. Whether you opt to take a hike, a simple walk around your neighborhood, or even just enjoy your own backyard, getting outside is the most essential factor. You and your children will enjoy the benefits of getting back to nature. 

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