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What is Laziness? Its Types & How To Overcome Them

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Throughout history, human beings have been perceived as quite lazy by nature.

 A lazy person merely wants to live a comfortable, luxurious life without having to exert any physical effort.

We all struggle with various degrees of laziness. Somewhere, we all are lazy, but what is its actual definition?

We’ll make it clear to you. It is a state of mind in which you don’t want to do anything and easily believe that you won’t be able to complete a task. This attitude is known as laziness.

And if you have confusion between the terms procrastination and laziness, we’ll let you know that as well.

7 Types of Laziness

Procrastination is a cause of laziness, and laziness is the symptom itself.

Today we are here to throw some light on the types of laziness. Don’t believe it has different types? Well, you are about to get surprised!

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1. UNCERTAINTY (“I’m not sure where to begin.”)

You are just not able to decide at this point whether to just lie down or make a move. Try to focus on yourself. Increase your concentration on the query. If you are still unable to decide, let this feeling sink in. It’ll soon pass. And you’ll have a clearer mindset eventually. 

2. FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN (“There’s no way I can.”)

Laziness often stems from neurotic fear, which incites a flight or fight response in us. If you are afraid of even trying, then you should definitely try.

You must admit your fears, allow yourself to feel them, and then take action in order to overcome neurotic fear.

Choosing to act out of fear is cowardice; choosing to act with fear is courage.

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3. FIXATED MINDSET (“It scares me that I’ll fail or look stupid.”)

People with a fixed mindset are hesitant to try new things since they want to appear smart, charismatic, and talented even if they do not have experience. 

The best way for you to cope with this type of laziness is by doing the task and giving yourself a chance.

4. FATIGUE (“It’s too exhausting for me. My energy is depleted.”)

This is the most common laziness, where you lie down powerless.

In lieu of using caffeine to prevent fatigue, accept your tiredness when you feel lethargic.

A good way to overcome lethargy is to embrace it. Try yoga or breathing exercise. If nothing works, take a cold water shower, it will replenish your energy.

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5. UNCONCERN (“I just don’t care. Let it be.”)

Maybe you don’t care about those incomplete projects or those responsibilities. But it’s all a form of laziness. You may feel a sense of depression doing those things, but you have to believe your morals and get yourself back on track.

6. REPENTANCE (“My time is up. It’s too late.”)

Regrets are a part of adult life. If we don’t grieve our past, regrets hold us back. And believe it or not, no one is ever late. If a door closes, God opens up another one.

Why not accept the fact and keep trying even if you fail. That way, you’ll be able to cope with it.

7. RECOGNITION (“Lazy is just who I am.”)

This is not the correct way to address yourself. Wake up then and there only. You are unique, special, and hardworking, don’t let your procrastinator self make such assumptions for you.

Laziness can never define our potential, so just let this energy wave let go.

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8. EMBARRASSMENT (“It’s bad to be so lazy.”)

Don’t try to bring that shameful thought while completing that task; you only satisfy your lazy self and no one else. It will only bring harm to you. Just let it go. Having a lazy side doesn’t make you a bad person. Everyone has a weak spot. You are not the only one.

LAZY- Lying down Aimlessly without any Zeal in Yourself. This is how we can conclude this word. Laziness can hit anyone anytime. So, it’s in our hands how we challenge it and continue our hustle.

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