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4 Zodiac Couples Who Unabashedly Love PDA

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PDA – Public Displays Of Affection. Back in the movies, PDA meant two flowers – kissing each other. In real life, PDA got hidden under covers. Nowhere to be found. Nowhere to be heard. Nowhere to be discussed, too. Discussing PDA meant sharing personal and embarrassing details about yourself. 

Now in the globe of Gen-Z and uplifting oldies – PDA is seen anywhere and everywhere as if we live in France – a place of love and not in India. 

What exactly is PDA?

  • Cuddling your partner in front of the world
  • Kissing your boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Making out with your spouse right before the eyes of the public
  • Holding hands and walking with your wife or husband in the park full of people
  • Hugging your better-half in the middle of the road
  • Making out leads to sexual intercourse with your partner in public places 
  • Touching your lover in inappropriate places in front of the whole world

Let us dig deeper into the five zodiac couples who love PDA, without a care in the world – 

Four zodiac couples who love PDA.

Scorpio and Aries

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Fiery and fearless Aries loves to cuddle with calm and composed Scorpio in public. Of course, Aries is in charge, even though Scorpio is the god or goddess of sexuality. Aries is in the lead because they are natural-born leaders. And they do not care a dime about the world.

At times their sexualities are so explosive that often, people in public ask them to get a room! Get a room? It means to indulge in such activities in a room!

Scorpio loves to touch Aries above the neck, hair, ears, cheeks, head, and back of the neck. Right, where they love it the most. Aries adores touching Scorpio in the genitals. That is where the stimulation area for the Scorpio lies. 

It is always jesting to observe this couple. For one, they act what they think. And show love in public without a care in the world. And for two, their tongues and hands run all over the body, as if nobody’s watching them make out or have sex in public. 

Leo and Aquarius

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The sexual compatibility between the lion and the water-bearer is above the roof, over the top, and in the clouds. It is so sexual that they cannot get enough of each other!

Leos are not afraid to take PDA to the next level. Leos loves to get touched in their back. It is their highly erogenous zone – a place where you caress – you get turned on. Aquarius loves to adore the lion by wrapping their hands around them, soft touching up the spine, and back massages in the park. 

Leos love to cuddle; they can cuddle every chance they get. One of the most affectionate zodiac signs is Leo. Leo loves to hold hands, cuddle, and perform every amorous intimate thing with Aquarius. 

Aquarius loves a quickie – a slang word for brief sex. They love to take charge and initiate it in public. PDA is their middle name. They love Leos because they never have a bland day with them.

Taurus and Pisces

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The god or goddess of sensuality is Taurus. Touch or too much touch is their sex language. Pisces is dreamy, intoxicating, and escapist in love. Taurus loves the water sign, Pisces, for the sheer culmination of love-making, pleasure, tenderness, and sensuality they possess. 

Pisces is the god or goddess of orgasm. When sensuality and orgasm come together in the form of PDA, nothing in the world – can stop them, not even an apocalypse!

Taurus enjoys touching so much that they get lost in Pisces’ love in public! The atmosphere or the aura around them gets so magical and unbelievably satisfying that it is like watching romance porn in real life!

For a Taurus, PDA is holding hands while walking, and for Pisces, PDA is hugging their partner as if there is no tomorrow. 

Cancer and Capricorn

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At times, the PDA is slower than Priscilla of Zootopia. I am talking about Cancer and Capricorn here. They love to take things slow. Their PDA is like watching a black and white movie waiting to climax. 

Cancer’s soft, caring, and quiet nature appeals to the lack of love, home, and warmth of Capricorn. They are both a total opposite when it comes to displaying love in public – a new kind of passion awakens their souls and takes control of their situation.

Capricorns loves to dominate in their professional as well as sexual life. Cancer, on the other hand, loves being under someone.

PDA for these two lovers is slow and passionate kissing, snuggling, and touching. Cancer loves to be perceived in the chest area, just like the crustacean is sensitive to reception around the chest. 


Zodiac signs play a vital role in displaying, appreciating, hating, and avoiding PDA. When two souls come together, their stars come together, too.

Stars in the language of Astrology are moon signs and sun signs. Very few people know the divergence between a sun sign and a moon sign. Sun sign is according to your birthday that comes every year.

Moon sign is according to the time at which you were born – it comes only once in your life – that is – at the time you were born. Both zodiac sign types affect your personality, likes, and dislikes towar

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