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What Does PDA Mean? Is Excess Of PDA Good/Bad For A Relationship?

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Have you ever witnessed a couple who can’t keep their hands off each other in public? How do you feel about the public display of affection? Is excessive PDA good for a relationship or not? Read on to find out what does PDA means and why is PDA compatibility important for your relationship?

Kissing, holding hands, and cuddling on the park bench are few romantic ways couples express their love for one another in front of others.

Even though the public display of affection has become relatively common. There are a few limits that couples should not cross. There are times when couples crossed the line and made it inappropriate for the public.

Remember that you are in public, so don’t make your romance a fun game for others as there are likely to be people of all ages and sensibilities around you.

What does Public Display of Affection mean?

Public Display of Affection or PDA is an act of intimacy in public. It could be a couple holding hands or kissing each other; pretty much anything that displays affection between two people is PDA. Generally, PDA is more considered to be a somewhat physical act.

In the old days, PDA in a relationship was not something people knew much about. But today, public display of affection has become a sweet sign of love that most couples indulge in – the beginning of their days of physical exploration and discovery.

Why showing PDA is essential in a relationship?

In some relationships, not showing PDA in a relationship makes one partner think that his/her partner doesn’t want the world to know about their relationship. It also indicates that another person is not fully committed or never be.

Is PDA compatibility important to your relationship?

Changing in PDA compatibility is very normal in a relationship. It happens from time to time or varies from person to person. Most of the couples even use PDA as a part of sexual foreplay. It’s an excellent technique to recharge a lagging sex life.

Falling in love is wonderful, and when the bow of true love hits, you just want to tell the whole world about your feelings and how much you adore your partner. Though it’s a great thing, being too affectionate in public shows a lack of general etiquette skills. However, it’s quite tricky for frisky lovers to keep their hands off in society.

Is excessive PDA good/bad for a relationship?

So what exactly does PDA mean for your relationship? Are you someone who just can’t stop kissing, touching, and groping your partner in public, or has it become hard for you to stop yourself from having intercourse. You might not know that showing excessive affection in public sometimes becomes a global affair, thanks to the Internet (social media).

With the new advanced social media platforms, folks get more significant opportunities to assess someone’s relationship with their status or profile picture. So, don’t let your relationship become bliss for others.

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Here is what it means when you have a lot of (or a little) PDA in your relationship.

a. When you love someone, you probably want to touch them:

What’s the first thought came to your mind when you see couples kissing, grabbing, holding hands, or doing sexual things in public? Perhaps, they recently got into a relationship and love each other company- these are a few initial stages of every relationship.

The study says in the first or second years of a relationship, your brain is flooded with feel-good chemicals. It is a honeymoon phase of the relationship, which sometimes lasts for a month or sometimes forever. You can term this aspect as an excessive PDA phase of a relationship.

However, if your partner doesn’t prefer to disclose or like intimacy in public – that doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed. It says your partner respect each other and obey general etiquettes, especially in society. It commonly refers to a low PDA phase of the relationship.

b. Is it a matter of worrying if PDA doesn’t slow down?

You are 60 years old and still love to adore your partner and are never ashamed of showing warm, affectionate love in public. Though it’s a great thing, holding hands and kissing each other are normal things, but grabbing each other’s butt and giggling all the time in public is a matter to worry about because excessive PDA is too bad for a relationship. Wait, we are not asking you to slow down or something, but you can control your feelings or arousals in public.

If you think you might be overcompensating, then you should question yourself? Only you can make a distinction. Most of the couples show excessive PDA to grab other’s attention but in real life are not at all happy with each other. Although, showing intimacy in public is not going to make any sense because PDA is not the critical factor in knowing the way two people function.

c. Putting lovey-dovey pictures all over social media:

Researchers believed that couples who frequently put their gushy-mushy kissing pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat report being happier in their relationships. Well, it may sound absurd, but yes sharing romantic pictures on social media is a sign of a happy and faithful relationship, cray isn’t – according to Psychology Today. Moreover, it’s not true in all cases; many couples out there put adorable pictures just to show the world or too jealous of their ex. In reality, these couples are lacking love. What a conundrum, right?

At last:

As an outsider, no one knows what’s cooking in a relationship, whether couples are putting pictures on social media or not. It’s hard to guess because every couple is different and has different values when it comes to outward declarations of love.

As stated: when you have a lot of PDA in a relationship, be it in public or on social media, you might be overcompensating, but it’s more likely you’re just happy in your relationship.

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