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How to Turn On Your Man: Make Him Crave For You

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If we ask you what will be the easiest thing to do on this planet, what could be your answer? Well, let us give you a hint. It is something that doesn’t require a degree or asks you to be master in that particular thing. All it needed scented candles with soothing music in the background and a whip (it all lies under the bedsheets). Wink, Wink…

Yes, you guess it right! It is turning on your man. Though guys love to tease you by showing how much they are craving to be in your arms. But deep down, they are ready to lose control if you do it the right way?

So, if you have decided to turn on your man, then it solely your responsibility to set up the environment. Use the right props and wear the sexiest and kinky outfit to see his penis craving to have more.

We have already raised the temperature ladies, let’s delve into the deep ocean of the best tips to turn on your man instantly.

Sexy ways to instantly turn on your man

1.Setup the environment

Creating an erotic and seductive environment should be your top priority to make him turn on and eat you never like before.

Neither use too much light nor make the room dark. Better would be to use candles for lighting purpose; candles can really spice up your game

2.Wear the kinkiest dress

Wearing a sexy outfit does not mean that you have to be in a Victoria Secret thongs. Forget this old traditional method. With this growing world of the internet, you can choose the most favoured costumes used during foreplay.

ways to turn on your man

Here is a list of sexy and kinky costumes you can try

  • PU leather sex Slave costume
  • Female police Uniform
  • Sexy Wild Wolf Costume
  • Babydoll Nurse Uniform
  • Roleplay Navy Girl
  • Naughty Catholic Schoolgirl Uniform

3. Select the right props

Do you want to make your turn on the game more intense? So that the sex following it can become yummier then try using some accessories.

ways to arouse man

The most simple yet exciting could tie his hands, removing his shirt and licking him from neck to the bottom.

For more sensation, you can use ice cubes or chocolates. Take a small piece of an ice cube, put half of it in your mouth, now lean over him and ask him to grab that ice cube using his tongue from your mouth.

Here is another example, get some hot melted chocolate, pour it into his bellybutton, and lick it until it turns him on badly.

More props to turn him on

  • Ruler – Ask him to spank you or vice versa
  • Bangles – to put on his pe##s when you are trying oral
  • Massage oil- to become messy
  • Feather- to tickle him during foreplay

4. Perform  a pole dance for him

ways to turn on your man

Turning on your man is all about presenting your sexiest version before him, surprise him by performing a pole dance.

Though you don’t have to be an expert in that yet, you can show him your sexy moves that will surely make him crave for you.

5. Stand in front of the mirror

Ahh, my personal favourite

Standing in front of the mirror while he holds you from behind can really spice up things when you both look at your bodies in the mirror. Give dirty expression, bite your lips and ask him to look at your face in the mirror, believe me; it can really make him nasty

6. Whisper in your man ears

Most people believe that whispering is only meant to turn on a girl. Well, to be honest, guys to love to feel a hot breath or whispering in their ears. It fucking turns them on.

But you don’t have to whisper shit, try some dirty phrases while whispering:

Here is a list of a few that you can try

  • Guess the colour of my bra baby
  • Choke me, daddy,
  • Tell me the sexiest part of my body
  • Tear my clothes off my body
  • Call me a bitch daddy

7. Kiss him as this kiss is your last

erotic stories

Nothing can beat the intensity of a passionate kiss. Before kissing makes sure, your mouth doesn’t smell foul as it can really turn him off.

Become dominative while kissing, push him towards the corner, smash thing around, hold his head with your hand, and just give a loooonggg passionate kiss.

You can also tease him by leaning over his face and not allowing him to kiss.

8. Don’t ignore the Bellybutton the most erogenous area

When it comes to body parts, girls often ignore bellybutton, yeah it may sound a bit weird to you, but it can really turn on your guy instantly.

All you have to do is make him lay on the bed, remove his shirt, and lick around his bellybutton. Try making circles around his navel.

This works because the belly area is one of the most sensitive parts and can give goosebumps when licked and tickled seductively.

9. Get nude and try walking away from him

Want to tease him before performing sex? Then make him sit on the chair, get naked, roam around him for a few seconds and later try walking away in different rooms, but make sure to be in his sight.

This can be a fun game but can really heat up the temperature if teased properly

10. Ask him to search you

Puzzling him can turn out to be the best part of your game.

Girl don’t be easy for him, drop some hints for him to tell him where you actually are-

Here is a demo

  • First, lock him in a room
  • Close the door and hide into a place you want
  • How will he search for you? here the game

Write the direction that he has to follow on a piece of paper and drop it outside his room, now when he reaches their use your vibrator pointing to the direction you are in once he reaches their drop your bra outside the room of yours. And once he enters the room, be as wild as you can.

11. Tap the top of his penis

If you instantly want to turn him on, give a tap on the top of his penis and move away He will crave for more but you have to make sure that you are out of his reach. This thing will tease him a lot and gonna drive him crazy.

12. Read an erotic book on how to tease a guy

ways to turn on your man

Turning on someone needs a bit of creativity and something that has not done before, what you can try is getting an erotic novel or book and reading the sex stories inside it to turn on him. Ask him to imagine whatever you are whispering out.

The bonus tip- you can also perform the same thing written in the books and spice up your sex 

Take away on how to arouse him instantly

Turning on a guy is easy only if you do it the right way, we guys too need comfortable places to get turned on, don’t mess up the room, clean up the dirty stuff and make it look like heaven.

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