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The Type of Psychopath You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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We usually imagine psychopaths as the villains of horror films, mindlessly overpowering everyone in their paths. But not all psychopaths are foolish – some don’t even harm others.

People who are psychopaths act immorally and antisocially, cannot love, are self-centered to the extreme, and never learn from past experiences. 

Psychopathic zodiac signs are plentiful, but which type is yours?

Let’s find out!

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Here we begin with the zodiac, who’s ruled by the God of War itself(Mars). They won’t mind destroying everything with their random decisions.

Generally speaking, these types of Aries are impatient and can’t control their actions. They are always in search of excitement and will do anything high-risk. They are prone to making terrible judgments and enjoy the feeling of danger.



An earth sign, ruled by the planet of love, will literally steal everything from you if they don’t get the right treatment.

They are driven by envy and seek revenge for unfair treatment. They feel that they have every right to be selfish, greedy, materialistic, and self-centered. They are envious, jealous, pushy, and greedy.



Lying is as natural as breathing for these types of Geminis. They lie all the time, usually for no real reason, are clever and charming, and can flatter the right person until they get what they want.

Well, their ruling planet Mercury (Planet of Communication) gives them an upper hand in exploiting others’ vulnerable parts just by telling lies. They lie so much that they don’t even remember many of them.



Being a water sign that the Moon rules, Cancers can become quite emotional and manipulative in their own way.

Cancers of this type appear to be sweet, adorable, vulnerable, and charming, making it seem as if they share their beliefs, ideas, and plans with the individuals they converse with. They seem to be really compatible with almost everyone.

When they have someone in their clutches, they become possessive, aggressive, and self-centered.



Ah! This fire sign isn’t a friendly one at all.

They may be charismatic and likable at work or parties, but they are usually capable of terrorizing their family members.

Their aim is total control, which they achieve by manipulating others. They might seem super cool and supportive at their very first impression, but when their true identity is exposed, they can be seen as an unreliable partner. 

And they don’t take the blame for anything; that’s just a true Leo trait, FYI.



You must have watched movies with a teacher in them, changing towns because of their suspicious behavior. Well, that’s just a typical Virgo psychopath for you!

These kinds of psychopaths often work in the fields of law, medicine, education, religion, and science. They do whatever they can to take advantage of clients, patients, and students in a way that benefits them.

In most cases, these people just carry on to the next job once they are discovered, without any sense of guilt about the destruction they’ve caused.



Venus, yes, the planet of harmony, and relationship, gives power to Libras.

Psychopaths of this type strive hard to make everyone perceive them to be morally upright. As a result, they can often be brutal, manipulative, abusive, tormenting, and corrupt, taking advantage of social or political situations.

This type of psychopath is generally involved in community services such as teachers, wardens, police officers, and cult leaders, where they can easily exploit these morales and cover them up easily.



Two ruling planets (Pluto and Mars) make this mysterious water sign a really dangerous kind of psychopath.

A psychopath like this will always be turned on, even in inappropriate situations. They tend to also have several fetishes. 

Sex for this Scorpio psychopath isn’t about making a connection or expressing passion or love; it’s about being dominating and overpowered above others, whether they are young or old.



Obviously, this psychopath is all about expanding its influence because of its rule by the almighty Jupiter (Planet of growth).

They are known as the Used-Car Salesman because they will sell anything to anyone, even if it is only themselves they want to sell. They use a “sales pitch” to attract people in. This type of Sagittarius will do anything it takes to keep the attention of their victims.

They don’t care about anything; they just want others to believe them and contribute to their own growth, even if the product they sell is a lie itself. That’s how carefree they are.



It’s quite a surprise that someone who Saturn rules accuse others of wrongdoing and never takes responsibility – a true psychopath they are.

Capricious and fearful of revealing themselves, Capricorns often accuse others of deflecting suspicion. They can be hugely dangerous if they get too close to the threat of being discovered.

And they might even plot something cruel against others only to validate themselves for their wrong deed.



An air sign with a ruling planet, Uranus, ought to express freedom and liberation in every aspect.

These Aquarians are less likely to conform to social norms or obey the law. They often lie, use aliases, and are not afraid to trick others for their gains.

These people are aggressive and have an utter disregard for safety. And never settle easily, so one can see them changing lots and lots of jobs as they never plan anything. They go with the flow.



A psychopath of this type enjoys working with creative people to blend in. They manipulate others by presenting themselves as charming, artistic, and gifted so as not to stand out.

Their marvelous verbal skills can be employed to make people think they aren’t psychopaths but just misunderstood geniuses.

As a sign ruled by Neptune, these psychopaths exhibit a tremendous amount of imaginative powers, which makes them think that they are greater than everyone, and also each person should follow them.

If you have one of these psychopathic traits, beware! Because there are others out there too, more terrifying, manipulative, and clever ones trying to get what they want, at any cost! They might not harm you physically, but the fact they are passively dangerous cannot be shadowed. 

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