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Is your Colleague crazy About You? 9 signs That Confirm the Secret Admiration!

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Did he just ask you about your weekend plans? Or did he say something really romantic without any context to you? We often get so much involved in our work that sometimes we ignore small indications from someone who has budding feelings for us. We might see it as another random greeting, but it’s not always the same. 

Believe it or not, your friendly colleague is secretly crushing on you big time! But don’t worry, we have got you covered and are here to help you with all the mixed feelings and confusions you have. Buckle up to confirm your secret admirer!

1. He’s there to help you with everything!

Be it your office work or just a personal problem, he always tries to be around and lend you his help no matter what. Yes! He is a gentleman, but he’s trying to be more than a colleague with you as you know very well how the other coworkers treat you.

2. He looks at you all the time.

Signs A Colleague Show When They Are In Love with You

Don’t tell me if you haven’t caught him staring at you, not once nor twice but several times. He’s checking you out. He’s trying to capture all your small movements. And this is not creepy at all; we all stare at something when we try to figure out what’s so fascinating about it. So, if you get a lot of stares, then don’t act dumb, but it’s a strong sign that he’s head over heels for you.

3. He gets nervous around you.

If he stammers in front of you and blanks out when you ask him anything, then he’s surely not able to concentrate on what you said, but he’s in his own fantasies revolving around you. A certain amount of sweat will also be visible either in his hands or on his forehead because he’s just too nervous and vulnerable whenever you interact with him.

4. He tries to be funny around you.

Is he trying to be a little funnier than he is? Well, he’s surely into you. Making you smile and laugh is his way of showing his affection towards you. He might play dumb just to hear your laughter. Yes! Men are like this. And as you also know, the saying goes like ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’ (If she laughs, she’s trapped).

5. He plans outings with you.

Signs A Colleague Show When They Are In Love with You

“What are your plans after this week?” “Let’s watch this movie!” “I’ve heard there’s this typical Japanese restaurant; let’s plan something.” 

If he’s into you, he’d have probably said all these to you. He wants to spend quality time with you and only you. May even try to convince you, cause he’s secretly dying inside to be with you!

6. He never blames you. 

Even if you make a mistake, he’ll never acknowledge it; he just can’t see any flaws in you. There might be incidents where he’d just take responsibility for your mistakes. He’s trying to protect you. That’s all we can say. Isn’t this love?

7. He flirts with you nonstop.

Try to recall that moment when he complimented you out of the blue. And yes you did nothing special that day but what do we say that the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! He sees everything and tries to spice up things by flirting with you. 

8. He talks about everything but not much related to work.

Business’s Packaging

Apart from flirting, don’t you think that all he talks about is really not related to work at all? Well, he’s trying to know you better. He wants you to answer all his silly questions and share your views as well so that he can check the compatibility you two have with each other.

9. He shares his food

This has to be the most direct sign that he likes you. It’s really not just the food he’s sharing but he’s sharing his emotions through it. Even a dog shares his bone with the ones he loves and so does a cat to show his affection. And this gesture has to be the sweetest of all-cause no one shares their food with anyone if they don’t value them.

We know that his name came to your mind when you read this blog. Now, what are you waiting for? Just slide into his DMs and ask him out, cause he’s trying to do the same for a very long time. Let go of the awkwardness and if you really think he’s got a shot at dating you, why not give it a chance cause we only live once!

Hopefully, you’ve got all the answers.

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