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Good Morning and Welcome to September 2022

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What says your personal year number for the month of September this year: 

Now we are entering the sixth month of the current financial year, 2022, and will be going to seek the blessings of our ancestors in Pitra Paksh/ Shraddh.

This month of the year is full of the opposite energy of ‘Love, Romance and Separation due to anger or ego clash’ and with some golden opportunities also in a relationship and career growth as well how your numbers’ energy will perform in September 2022.

If your personal year number is 1, you may feel some ego clash with your partner/ spouse for taking extra care or possessiveness. You should control your anger and ego to balance between personal and public life. Everyone has a separate value and place to live on earth, and needs to command with proper care and positivity.

If your personal year number is 2, you may feel like taking support in your workplace for negotiating and completing your pending tasks. You should maintain a trust level with your supporters and well-wishers. Yes, money matters, but not always. 

If your personal year number is 3, you may feel like traveling in heaven to grow yourself, but don’t forget the struggles are there to achieve your desired goals. You should communicate with balanced and civilized talk to be honored with universal abundance and recognition.

If your personal year number is 4, you may feel that you will get new opportunities on your previous strategic work. You should be ready to face the sudden ups and downs during the month. Control on your overthinking activities and fast-moving decisions to manage your disciplined pathway.  

If your personal year number is 5, you may feel either relaxed or speedier on your work due to your quick-completing nature. You should avoid any type of interference into others’ boundaries to earn more money and opportunities. Nobody can always be right in their decisions and compatibility. 

If your personal year number is 6, you may feel more creative, attractive, good looking with extra care, but think that the excess of anything is always harmful. The couples may feel some disturbance in their routine love life. You should take care of your relationship and to materialistic appliances. 

If your personal year number is 7, you may feel some healthy or beneficial people’s network around yourself, but be careful to differentiate between good or bad, because all yellow metals can’t be the Gold. You should follow your own experience, listen to your heart, and trust in your God to avoid unexpected matters and angry decisions. 

If your personal year number is 8, you may feel completion to start new responsibilities for achieving rewards and recognitions on your workstation and in the family as well. You should maintain a proper balance in your routine work responsibilities to complete them and to take new one. You should take proper physical and mental rest to live a healthy and wealthy life.  

If your personal year number is 9, you may feel some extra energy for doing some shifting work for society or yourself as well. You may be stuck in struggling relationships due to finance, anger or more love & care. You should maintain your own boundary wall to live a smooth relationship life.  

For calculating your personal year number, sum-up your birth date and birth month with four digits of the current year and get a single digit. 

For example, if your date of birth is 25th August, 1985, the equation of your personal year number will be 25+8+2022 = 2+5+8+2+0+2+2 = 21 = 2+1 = 3.  

Wishing you all good luck for upcoming months.

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