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Top 31 Thoughtful Gifts for 2023

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Every year I love discovering new, fun and innovative gifts to give my friends, family and even myself. This year’s Holiday Gift Guide really explores the hidden gems of gifting; thoughtful, personal and simply unique. 

Holiday Gifts for the New Mama 

Tubby Todd Bath Co Mama & Baby Gift Set

1. Tubby Todd-min

Clean skincare ingredients that both mama to be & new baby’s sensitive skin can feel good about. You can choose between lavender & rosemary fragrance or fragrance free items that include hair & body wash, ointment, belly oil, and organic nipple balm. 

Cuddle Kind 

2. Cuddle Kind-min

More than just a handmade, heirloom quality toy made of premium natural cotton and even comes with a unique name, birthday, personal, and other fun features; possibly the best part of these adorable toys is that each one provides ten meals to a child in need and empowers 1,000 female Peruvian artisans with sustainable, fair-trade employment.

Little Unicorn Infant Car Seat Footmuff 

3. Infant Footmuff-min

Talk about innovation, these are like earmuffs for car seats, perfect for those living in colder weather areas. This machine washable, insulated topper and quilted interior lining is both wind & water-resistant; elevating your baby’s travel and giving parents a peace of mind knowing that their little bundle of joy is keeping warm. 

Cotton Muslin Quilted Throw by Little Unicorn 

4. Holiday Throw-min

I like to spoil my nephew & his Mama (yes, I am that Auntie) with nothing but the finest things so when it comes to snuggles, this premium muslin throw is my to-go choice. Its lightweight & breathable blanket actually helps regulate the baby’s temperature and reduce the risk of overheating. 

Ceres Chill OG Breastmilk Chiller 

5. Chill Pump-min

I honestly applaud companies that are taking steps to make breastfeeding and pumping more convenient for Mama’s on the go or the ones returningh back to work. I remember a co-worker back in the day QUIT her job because our then boss wouldn’t let her store her breastmilk from her lunch break pump in the office fridge; I wish they had this because she was pretty cool to work with. Nonetheless, this is a portable solution that keeps breastmilk cold and ultimatley ensures freshness and safety of the milk until ready to serve. 

KeaBabies Original Wrap Carrier

6. Baby Wrap-min

Created for parents by parents, the KeaBabies wrap can be used as a postpartum belt, breastfeeding nursing cover and even a swaddling blanket. The benefits of using these wraps is that not only does it mimic the womb which is great for baby’s growth, it also puts your little on in the best position to observe & learn, and with the upright position helps with colic relief.  

Gifts for Her 


7. Lollipetals-min

Perhaps the most elegant and glamorous nipple covers you never thought you needed. Super smooth, soft and barely there feel provides your girls with the coverage you’re looking for – but make it stylish, perfect to wear under sheer tops, blouses, or better yet spice up the little black dress look. 

Voglia Swimwear 

8. Voglia Swimwear-min

A suit to escape the winter blues. Voglia Swimear’s exclusive prints and sustainable, reversible & versatile suits are helping to clean up the ocean; literally. Their suits are made from illegal & ghost fishing nets found in the oceans and proceeds benefit Ocean Co & One Tree Planted.

Saphan Staney Crossbody

9. Staney Crossbody-min

One of the best versatile gifts that you can get the women in your life who like to travel is this Crossbody which can also be used as a wallet, clutch, wristlet, and belt bag. Fits everything including your passports and smartphone. However, the true beauty of this bag is that with each purchase you’re supporting Sapahn’s Human Rights outreach by building a bridge to a better world by harnessing the power of fashion to advance the rights of ALL people.

Maniscripting Journal 90-Day Life Design Journal & Ritual Guidebook

10. Maniscriptng-min

I use this journal everyday. This is an accountability partner, my ride or die. More than just a journal, it truly helps elevate your mindset; encouraging you and navigating you to take the first step, that stepping stone, into creating the life you want for yourself and family. The journal includes challenges, activations, information about crystals and so much more. The perfect way to start 2024 off magical.

Soft Strapless Bra Top by The Bra Bar 

10.5. Bra Bar -min

I bra with no hooks? Take. My. Money. Oh and wirefree … with support? Yes, ladies these exist for your “girls” and because it has no hooks, you simply put it on like you’re putting on a shirt, over your head. Super soft & smooth is a great option for those cute strapless holiday dresses. 

VBT Boob Tape 

11. VBT Boob Tape-min

This #1 Best-Seller on Amazon is available in various widths and sizes, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect fit and look their best during the holiday season. and is not your typical boob tape, it’s a specially designed, skin-friendly tape that provides exceptional support and lift for any outfit. This breast-lifting solution will seamlessly hide under your fabulous outfits this holiday season, all while comfortably holding you in place at the same time. 

SecondLeft Original Leggings NANDEX 

12. SecondLeft-min

Have you ever put on a pair of yoga pants that actually made you want to workout? As soon as I pulled up these leggings, I was more motivated to actually hit the gym. The best part is that they transition easily from a great workout to running errands and grabbing that chai tea latte with the girls. 

PowerConceal™ Full Body Tummy Control Shapewear

13. ShapeLLX-min

Looking to flaunt those curves or hide the tummy, this shapewear by ShapeLLX has you covered and with over 2500 five star reviews and personally trying one for myself, this really gives you the tuck, lift, and support you’re looking for to wear under that cute holiday dress. 


14. Babyfoot-min

When we think of self-care we think of hair masks, mental health days, spa days, and just pampering ourselves, but the one thing that gets overlooked are our soles. Babyfoot is ORIGINAL  Exfoliation Foot Peel that contains 16 natural extracts and restores your feet to the smooth, soft feet you once had. 

Factor Five Night Retinol Cream 

15. Factor Five-min

A stem cell skin treatment in a jar. It contains a powerful blend of human stem cell growth factors and retinol to promote skin regeneration and improve the appearance of skin at the cellular level. The cream promotes cell renewal, boost production of collagen and elastin, restores aging and damaged cells, and more by working with an individual’s own skin cell receptors.

Tumeri Glow Skin Care Bundle 

16. Tumeri-min

So letting you in on a little secret, I’ve been using Tumeric in my soups, drinking golden milk and making homemade turmeric & honey masks for years; this stuff is pure magic so when I learned about Tumeri, it was a no-brainer to give it a try. The bundle includes clay mask, moisturizer, Vitamin C serum, applicator and face towel. Your skincare regime will thank you. 

Skinny Confidential 

17. Le Spoon-min

To say I am obsessed with The Skinny Confidential brand is an understatement so when Le Spoon Sculpt debuted earlier this year adding to my collection (The Pink Balls & Hot Mess Ice Roller) I was beyond excited to try. The Le Spoon is practically giving your body not only a lymphatic drainage treatment but massaging and sculpting; promoting blood flow, reducing inflammation, boosting collagen production and soothes muscle tension. 

Lemongrass Body Cream

18. Wildcraft-min

I am loving this body cream by Wildcraft. 100% natural, plant-powered skincare great for you and Mama Earth. With the harshness of the winter weather, this wonderful combination of coconut oil, beeswax, and Vitamin E will keep your skin nourished and healthy all winter long.

For Him

Wood Underwear 

19. Wood. Underwear-min

Premium men’s underwear because let’s be real, our men need more than just five pairs. From briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, biker briefs, long underwear and yes even jock straps, there’s a pair for any and every man. 


Little One Care 

20. Little One Care-min

This must win “Innovation of the Year” for babies – seriously; Little One Care is a smartwatch for babies; instead of telling you time, it’s programed to tell change colors to let you know why your little one is crying; are they hungry? Uncomfortable? It tracks crying sounds, moods, activities, nutrition. Comes with an app so you can track your baby’s day to day activities. An affordable way of giving parents a real peace of mind. 

Elehear Alpha Pro AI OTC Hearing Aides 

21. Elehear-min

Long story short, I was born partially deaf. I’ve worn hearing aides for nearly four decades and even with this amazing assistant I still could not use phones. But that is all about to change thanks to Elehear – not only are they providing an affordable solution for those who need hearing aides, they are bluetooth activated; for your hearing folks, if you only knew the precious wholesomenes of being able to talk on the phone is just one of the most simplest joys I can express and that could not have been made possible without Elehear. So if you or if you know someone that needs hearing aides, get you Elehear. You’ll thank me later. 


Tasty Good Toffee 

22. Toffee-min

Gourmet, small batch toffee made in Lincoln, Nebraska is just another hidden sweet spot. I just finished the White Chocolate Pecan and for someone who doesn’t like sweets, this was honestly perfect. Not over powering or too hard; just the perfect about of crisp, crunch, and deliciousous. These make great stocking stuffers! 


PureGlow™ Crystal Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp & Essential Oil Diffuser 

23. PureGlow-min

Talk about a win-win. This is truly the first of its kind (and patented) this salt lamp brings out not only the therapeutic properties of Himalayan salt rock but also providing the aromatherapy of an essential oil diffuser. Perfect for the home, office or where you practice your morning yoga routine. 

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase by The Cotton & Silk 

24. Silk Pillowcase-min

Silk has been proven to be a “behind the scenes” secret to radiant skin and heavenly hair but also these dermatologist-approved, pure luxury, silk pillowcases help your skin soak in your night creams and serums opposed to non-silk pillow cases that absorb the product. 

Beddley Duvet Cover 

25. Beddley Duvet-min

I know, I know, I run too when I hear the word “Duvet” – I hated putting these things on, it’s an all day wrestling match but knowing that I wasn’t the only one suffering, someone decided to do something about it and that someone designed a revolutionary, patented three-sided zipper with eight inner ties – known as the Beddley Advantage this three sided opening technology ensures that those wrestling matches are over and that you can enjoy the benefits of a duvet; finally. 

For the Fur Babies

Saatva Pet Bed

27. Saatva-min

To say that my boys Baxter and ChuChu are spoiled is an understatement; these fur babies have been living their best life sleeping at night on this first ever dog bed with responsive micro-coils for healthy spinal alignment and ease of motion for pets of all ages; perfect for Bax as he’s 10. If you love your fur babies as much as you say you do, get the Saatva Pet Bed. 

Silver Honey Rapid Ear Care Pet Wipes 

28. Silver Honey-min

Baxter has been prone to ear infections unfortunately so instead of charging up the credit card for another lengthy and expensive vet bill, I use these ear cleaners to keep infections and bacteria at bay. 


29. Floof-min

My boys get the daily treatment with Floof products. They are ph-Balanced, hypoallergenic, paraben free, and vet dermatologist formulated. I love their soothing cream as its made with plant-based oils and perfect for Baxter’s dry and irritated areas. 


30. Pupiboo-min

Earlier this year, I adopted me a little 2 month old Applenosed Chihuahau and while he’s the most loving thing & the best brother to Baxter, his potty training is draining and not to mention, not so eco-friendly with the puppy pads – but thanks to Pupiboo, these super absorbent, washable pee pads for pups are a winner and not to mention look absolutely beautiful in the home, great way to get rid of those traditional eye sores. 

Maya TreatPurse™ by Cocoa Onyx

31. Treat bag

I absolutely love this – genius in design as it has not only compartments for your essentials but treats for the good boys & girls and get this, a built-in poop bag dispenser. Super stylish, available in multiple colors and handcrafted with the utmost care using genuine high-quality leather this purse is a must-have for dog owners who value quality and practicality. 

I hope you enjoy this Holiday Gift Guide and I wish you & your family a beautiful Merry Everything! See you in the New Year! ]

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