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How to Deal With Depression?

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Depression is not something born Yesterday. It’s been here since the time we have endured; it walks with us, sits with us, and, the bad part of depression is – it never knocks on the door before appearing in our life. It comes at a fast-paced speed but never leaves gently… we don’t want to keep depression, but depression chooses us… 

The real fear of depression isn’t dying; it’s living with yourself, forever- Elizabeth Wurtzel, author.

Depression can lead to severe health issues- brain damage to destroy memory, sleepless nights to lower self-esteem, depression makes you forget who you actually are. In short, depression makes you feel worthless. 

Depression is a silent killer to your happiness and a best friend of sadness. It is one of the most hazardous phases of life experienced by someone. The severest part is that an individual has to fight depression to live life gracefully. 

According to researchers, people in depression generally spend their nights tossing & turning because they can’t cope with their anxiety. As far as it has been seen, depression is the root cause of insomnia, excessive crying, dreams of drowning, mood swings, loss of appetite, and feeling restless most of the time are a few of the side effects of depression. 

What is depression?

A human is combating with their mind and body. 

Depression can be of any type, from losing interest in doing activities once you love to not be rewarded for your work, being cheated by the partner to not scoring enough in exams, no money, and no job, no one to talk to – stressing in every situation and on everything, only leads to nervousness. 

Some common symptoms of depression (cite medical articles) are:

  • deep feelings of sadness
  • angry moods
  • feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness
  • appetite changes
  • sleep changes
  • lack of energy
  • inability to concentrate
  • difficulty getting through your normal activities
  • lack of interest in things you used to enjoy
  • withdrawing from friends
  • preoccupation with death or thoughts of self-harm

How to deal with depression?

Based on the studies of a recent survey – every other person in today’s world is depressed, and depression varies from person to person.

Tracking the causes of depression

To date, no researcher or scientist can find the root cause of depression. While researching, they are able to get a few identifiable causes that may relate to depression. Let’s see what these identifiable causes are. 

  • Genetics (family malady or depression is running in your family members)
  • Stressful Life Experiences (the time an unimaginable situation occurs, you become tense)
  • Personality Characteristics (giving much concentrating on negative thoughts)
  • Medical Conditions (physical illness and medications lead to depression)

Tips for dealing with depression:

Yes, you can deal with depression; all you need is a helping hand to guide you in the right direction. But, before jumping next to the tips, the very first thing you need to do is to promise yourself – Repeat with us – That I believe in myself, and I relish every moment of my life. 

1. Talk to a therapist:

How to Deal With Depression?

Psychological therapies are the best way out to overcome depression. In most cases, it has observed that a depressed person finds it difficult to explain their problems to their parents and friends because they lack trust and support. In such a time, talking to a therapist is helpful. Consider a psychotherapist, as your dear friend only. 

A therapist listens to every issue of yours, the thoughts that are bothering you, the nervousness you are facing, what makes you stay alone and why you stopped talking to everyone, and anything that is juggling in your mind. Therapists work as healers to your deepest bound. 

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2. Never take medications without talking to the therapist:

Perhaps somebody has asked you to take this specific pill to cope with anxiety or tension because they have taken the same to win over their stress, but you never think of doing this. Taking random medicines without consulting therapists can cause severe damages. 

When you visit a therapist, they properly assign you which medications need to be taken and at what time. Your treatment success chances increase by 70% when you get the right dosage from the right person. Trust your therapist and stick to their plan. If they have assigned you any responsibility or task, give your 100% to accomplish it. 

3. Change your lifestyle:

Lifestyle plays an important role in becoming what you want to be. 

Start making minor changes in your daily routine – from practicing yoga in the morning to eating a wholesome bowl of fruits, cutting sugar and fat to limit alcohol consumption. 

As per several studies: embracing a healthy lifestyle is essential for a depressed person because if they keep doing the same thing every day and following the same habit, they get bored or become irritated; that’s why one should keep changing their daily routine. Along with them, an 8-hour of enjoyable sleep is also necessary to keep the mind working. Also, it is advised to take less caffeine before 2 hours of bedtime, and when you feel sleepy in the daytime, stretch your body a bit and have a glass of water. 

4. Do what makes you happy:

How to Deal With Depression?

If cooking is in your blood, gardening is in your mind, and traveling is your hobby, then nobody with worldly power can stop you from doing what you love to do.

The possibility can be the depression phase may make you stop working for your dreams and take you to wander a different and dull world. However, keep working on yourself and taking medications on time within months. You will be back on track, and with the same passion and mystique, you plant beautiful roses in your backyard. 

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5. Be honest:

Whether you have faced a sexual assault or something bizarre happened in your life, your therapist must know what makes you uncomfortable. You need to tell them that if you see terrible dreams, poor behavior by your parents or partner, or anything disturbing your mind, hide nothing. Talk to your therapist openly. Together, you might be able to work out a fresh approach that works better.

6. Don’t overload with work:

If your work is stressing you out, ask your colleague to help you complete the prescribed work. Avoid taking office stress at home. Either by reaching home, helping your partner in household chores like cooking dinner, or baking a dessert with your kids will lower your stress level, keep your mind calm, and eventually make you feel better. 

7. Spend much time with your family members:

Don’t let depression kill your inner-self. Spending a lovely time with family members is one quick remedy to reduce stress. Plan a family get-together every Sunday, visit your grandparents’ house, arrange a barbeque, and spend the much adorable time with your family the wonderful you will feel. All you need is nurturing family moments. 

In most cases, people choose the wrong paths to deal with depression-like committing suicide. If negative thoughts like this click in your mind, talk to someone who understands you, brother, mother, father, sister, or any friend of yours who can help you out.

8. Visit your favorite place:

How to Deal With Depression?

Whenever you feel depressed or tense by the things happening around you, visiting your favorite place immediately brings the vibe of peace. Whether it’s going to the beach, museum, munching your most-liked food at your favorite place, or roaming around the city- the time you visit your favorite spots, your mind generates a happy signal, and automatically you smile and feel amazing. 

9. Try something different:

Your therapist often asks you to do something strange which you have never done before or never thought of. Don’t shy in experimenting with new things; you may feel awkward initially, but once you develop an interest in doing and getting familiar, you may find them cheerful and more helpful than you expected.

Wrapping up:

Dealing with depression is possible. You can win over your stress; all you need is a gracious therapist that enlightens your soul and motivates you to bring out the positivity that hides somewhere behind the doors of depression. 

You will again shine bright, like a diamond!!!

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