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How I get Motivated in the Morning and Stay Productive Throughout the Day

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We all need the inspiration to keep going when things are tough and motivation to keep the consistency required to do the hard and necessary stuff in order to achieve our goals.

The tips and practices below help me get in a good mood, remain motivated and energetic throughout the day.

a) Gratitude 

Waking up grateful and full of thanks and praise to God Almighty, the giver of life, is the first step I take daily for motivation. No matter what kind of day I had the day before, I am always grateful for the opportunity and privilege of a new day. I consider the most important thing in my life to be my breath. I remind myself that I am alive and have life, and if I have that, I have everything else. It works. 

Rhonda Byrne, in her book ‘The Magic’, stated, “if you think a new day isn’t such a big deal, then just try missing one!”

The place of gratitude for motivation cannot be over-emphasized.

b) Moments

I believe life is a series of moments. Just as a great life is made of amazing moments, so does a great day start with an amazing morning.

I make my morning moments amazing by being aware of each moment.

Being in the moment helps me to keep it all together and not fret.

I constantly remind myself whenever the mood shifts that I am here, I am now; I am present, I am in the moment. The awareness of this makes me more grateful, keeps me calm, and helps me keep things in perspective. 

Being aware that all I really have in the real sense of it is the moment I am in now is remarkable, and it keeps me focused on making every moment count.

c) Memories

Remembering great memories created during past events and during yesteryears is so uplifting. I feel so overwhelmed with emotions of joy and delight when I remember specific events or occasions in my life that brought me happiness in the past, e.g., sitting by the water fountain embracing the beauty of the night during the holiday, memories of birthday celebrations, time spent with family, etc.

To help me remember, I have pictures of such events around my bedroom, which makes me smile every morning when I wake up, and every time I see them during the day.

It’s such a nice feeling to tap into the great memories of yesterday.

d) Music

Good music is uplifting and has great benefits. I listen to a lot of praise and worship songs, including inspiring songs with great lyrics, great melody, and a great vibe. The one I enjoy listening to during difficult times is called ‘Blue’ by Jessica Akin. 

I always turn the music on within the first 30 minutes of waking up to listen to specifically selected songs. It works.

Music has a way of lifting you in a marvelous way. It helps improve imagination, brings cheerfulness, creates happiness, allows joy, and elevates mood.

If I’m not engaged in focused work or activities, my music is always on, especially in the kitchen whilst cooking.

There is great music out there to help lift your mood and also to help make sense of things. Turn the music on!

e) Meditation / Mindfulness

Meditation, affirmations, and prayers (MAP) are my main tool, guidance, and principle for life. 

I meditate on God’s word, and I also pray regularly. I also read and recite affirmations every morning, loads of them.

I affirm who I am; I affirm the good things about myself and what I want to become, from the moment I wake up till when I start work. 

Words of Affirmations help renew your mind, encourage gratitude, lift your mood, and help you stay happy.

Affirmations keep you focused on positive thinking. Reading aloud at least 5 positive affirmations every morning is transformational. Daily affirmations are empowering with profound effects on the conscious and unconscious mind. Affirmations are statements that should be repeated to one’s self and written down frequently. 

For affirmations to be effective, they need to be present tense, positive, personal, and specific, e.g., I naturally appear and feel confident in every situation I face daily.

f) Mindset

The mindset is key for a good mood. Most of what we experience in life is a manifestation of our inner energy. It is, therefore, important to quickly replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and positive words. 

You are what you think!

I pay particular attention to what I pay attention to in my mind because one’s mindset and belief system are linked to outcomes.

g) Movement 

Movement plays a key role in creating a strong mind and body and also a positive mind. 

I exercise/workout three times a week at 6 am with the help of a personal trainer doing both indoor and outdoor sessions, and I also walk daily. I love it; it keeps my mind and body in tip-top shape.

Movement with regular exercise helps mental and physical stimulation. Moving more helps one’s fitness levels and encourages a calm mind, strong and healthy mind, and body. 

Walking daily is absolutely important for me; it helps clear my mind whilst also reducing cortisol – the stress hormone.

h) Meaning

It is important to be aware of the answer to this essential question: Why am I here? What’s my purpose in life?

We are all here on earth for a reason. Whenever my mind wanders, or my mood is low, my purpose, passion, and mission in life serve as a reminder that life is worth living- it reaffirms the meaning of life, and that settles it. 

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