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All You Need to Know About holiCHIC™ Collections: Listen to the Fashion Designer Megha Rao

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I’ve always enjoyed arts, dance, and fashion, so I feel like it was my calling and fashion designing happened very organically for me”- Megha Rao

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive fields of work. Yet, many talented fashion designers establish their empires without much effort. A true fashion designer will be able to attract her customers with the unique identity of her brand. 

Megha Rao wanted the products of holiCHIC™ collections to define an infusion of Indian culture, to offer her customers the comfort of wearing a saree blazer out to dinner or to go to a holiday party and be in a dress that reminds them of saree.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Megha Rao, the fashion designer and founder of holiCHIC™ collections. She was previously a corporate employee and was managing holiCHIC™ collections side by; later on, she decided to quit from the latter and devote her time and creative skills entirely for building her brand.

Women entrepreneurs

“As a woman and a mom, I found it easy to establish my name in the fashion industry because there were many women out there like me who wanted to pursue their passion. And I feel happy when my position draws inspiration for many, besides I believe now it’s our time to shine” – Megha Rao.

The motive behind my creations

 “I create designs and clothes that are in my head, which I cannot find in my wardrobe. For example, the Taj dress is a combination of bandini, which is a traditional form of Indian craft and a modern twist.”- Megha Rao.

To fashion designing aspirants

“My advice for aspiring fashion designers is to think of a notion that would set your brand apart, come down to what are the factors that make your brand unique, and stay true to that from day one onwards”- Megha Rao.

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