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Metaverse Unites With The Gorgeous Grande Cosmetics by Alicia Grande (CEO and founder of Grande Cosmetics)

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The pandemic bandwagon effect

Ever since the pandemic masked more than half of our faces, we had been left with our eyes and brows to makeover.

Purchasing beauty products were struck off from our shopping list and replaced with sanitizers and masks harmonizing our clothing, jumping behind the bandwagon. But what if we had virtual try-ons? Ever imagined attaching lashes to our own virtually before purchase?

Well, Grande cosmetics have invented a new methodology for women to reputed try-on cosmetics virtually, from the comfort zones of their home. If you haven’t witnessed this miracle yet, check out here

Morning Lazziness is pleased to bring to you an interview session with Ms. Alicia Grande, the CEO, and founder of Grande Cosmetics.

During this conversation, we have unraveled how Grande cosmetics have collaborated with metaverse through their launch of virtual try-on, the journey of Grande Cosmetics, female entrepreneurs of the beauty industry.

“Grande C cosmetics is well known for grande lashes, our number one lash enhancing serum and brow enhancing serum. It is statistically proven by NPD that we produce the number one lash and brow enhancing serums in America.” – Alicia.

Journey and dream of Grande cosmetics

“I started the company in 2008 with one product: Grande lash MD, the lash enhancing serum at $25,000 and a dream that all women across the globe will get their best lashes, reach their full lash potential and today I am so happy to say that my dream is coming true. It’s been 13 years since I started the company with only a capital of $25,000; we are available on SephoraAmazonUlta, and at Grandecosmetics” – Alicia.

Launch of this year 2022

“We are planning to launch “Grande liners” from this year, it’s a liquid eyeliner that can also enhance your lashes. It has the magic to enhance your lashes and, at the same time, make you look good. There are people who aren’t skin-care enthusiasts, but they are more into cosmetics, so we have created this product which has the Grande lash serum-induced into the liner. This will be available at Sephora stores from the second quarter of this year.” – Alicia. 

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