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Do You Know What is Your Erotic Blueprint™ Type? Listen to What Stacie Ysidro has to Share

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Body embodiment and sensations

Are you in recovery from healing your sexuality? 

Hear from Stacie the guidance you could follow to obtain satisfaction via a recent interview conducted by Morning Lazziness. 

According to Stacie, throughout this process of recovery, you need to be gentle with yourself and take it slow; feel free to reach out to a therapist or a relationship coach and start meditation, get in touch with your body sensations through embodiment from different practices and create awareness with your body.

For some, it might be through sounds, singing, yoga, activities that help you find pleasure that can contribute towards regaining that embodiment.

Stacie Ysidro is a certified, licensed erotic blueprint coach, a professional belly dancer, a former bikini athlete, a cosmetologist, and a salon professional. She enjoys baking, sewing, and any other creative activities during her breaks. She has also founded a platform called Holistic progressions for rendering sober sex coaching services.

As a sex coach, she also provides therapies to women in recovery to heal from their sexuality.

“Sexuality is just a state of being and had been very normalized; growing up, she had been very open-minded about this aspect and non-judgemental.

Erotic Blueprint Type

Erotic blueprint™ type is a map to discover your eroticism; you can explore the options it offers, which includes deriving your blueprint type, learning to be more compassionate with your companion, discovering those aspects bothering your subconscious mind.

There is a link to attempt the quiz that might help you solve the puzzles about your sexual value system and derive your type out of sensual, energetic, sexual, kinky, or shapeshifter.


Leading a healthy sex life could impact your physical and mental health; therefore, after obtaining your erotic blueprint type, you might be able to improve your sexual course with your partner. It is another medium to attain pleasure and render satisfaction to your soul.

Indulging in activities that find you pleasure could be easily interpreted after learning more about your erotic blueprint type, the superpowers, and shadows of your type, things to turn you on, for example. You can learn more about your types from Missjaiya.

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