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A Candid Conversation with the Pop Culture Guru: Abby Gardner (An Award-winning writer and host of the Podcast ‘We Have Notes’)

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“I don’t really script my podcast; I am not sure if it’s for the better or worse, but I feel it adds on to the charm, so It will sound more like hanging out with my friends or me over a brunch or drinks, chatting about the thoughts in your mind. That’s the energy I try to bring, and hope that’s the energy it brings off the show as well.” – Abby.

About the podcast ‘We have notes’

“I started this podcast last April, and it is mostly about pop culture, all the things that I am obsessed with. It’s for all those who love pop culture each week I bring a guest and we talk about different things ranging from my favorite shows, current reads, the 90’s stuff which happens to be popular again.

I jot down notes and make an outline during the week for the newsletter and podcast, but the podcast is more conversational and I often say that I run a loose ship, but I do write intros for my guests.” – Abby

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Abby Gardner a renowned award-winning writer, editor, and host of the podcast ‘We Have Notes’.

During the conversation, we have managed to cover Abby’s career journey, her thoughts about the renowned actress Ms. Sandra Bullocks’ recent decision to take a break from her career, the vitality of balancing work life with family. 

Challenges in the entertainment industry

“I think over the years, we have seen progress in portraying different kinds of stories.

My recent favorite show on Netflix is ‘The Baby sitters club’, which is obviously targeted at a much younger audience, but many of us have grown up reading the ‘The Baby sitters club’ books and the show is so well-updated, in a way that makes it more modern and diverse. I feel we can cover more content targeting all genders and age groups, so that everyone can find their spot on platforms like Netflix.” – Abby

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