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Building A Green Future With Green Buildings By Eleni Polychroniadou (Co-Founder and Commercial Director at Sintali)

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“Buildings have to adapt to the changing environment, but they also have to reduce their carbon emissions as they contribute to about 40% of the greenhouse emissions. Therefore, sustainability and real-estate have to go hand-in-hand in order to tackle the climate crisis.” – Eleni.

Who are we?

“Sintali is an environmental verification body, looking at the impact of the built environment. We are checking the environmental claims companies make about their buildings, so checking that green buildings are actually green. It’s really crucial, as we live in a world where fake news is prevalent and sustainability claims and commitments are all over the news. We need some accountability measures and transparency about the sustainability progress that is actually made and to make sure it is not just in talks but it is mirrored in action.” – Eleni

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Eleni Polychroniadou, the co-founder of Sintali.

In this session, we have covered topics ranging from sustainability in real estate, the possibility of green buildings to tackle the climate crisis, Eleni’s list of green initiatives for a green future.

Defining Green buildings

“The definition of green buildings are quite varied; it is one that is more energy-efficient, has natural ventilation, good air quality, and is healthy inside for the tenants.

There are tons of studies that show that green buildings really affect the positivity and well-being of the tenants, in addition to the environmental benefits. Hence, companies and investors of green buildings can have a positive effect on large communities by building green buildings. The benefits are not just for the developers.” – Eleni.

Our Challenges

“We continue to face barriers in every market, especially the mindset that green buildings are expensive, and that was quite a challenge that was put forth while administering this strategy. Secondly, the awareness or education about the fact that green buildings do not need to be a luxury good. Evevery building can be a green building and can bring benefits for everyone.” – Eleni.

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