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3 Common Struggles Every Women Entrepreneurs Face

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As a woman entrepreneur myself, I know firsthand that there are several challenges that women entrepreneurs face every day.

These days, women are now more eager to make their dreams and visions of living the entrepreneur’s life a reality. It’s important to take into account that tackling it head-on comes with its own set of challenges. 

These are some of my tips to stand out flawlessly.

1- Fight against social norms inside of a business

For the most part, women who are business owners are viewed as lesser than our male counterparts. Women who have experienced this are compelled to take on a more dominant presence becoming aggressive or overly competitive.

Unfortunately, in some cases, this tends to backfire. The best option to take a stand and fight against the norm is to find your own voice and be authentic. 

2- Finding a true support network

We’ve all been told at one point or another to find fellow entrepreneurs or mentors in order to grow our businesses, but the issue is finding a network that practices what they preach.

Most networks are very superficial – meaning that if several members see your business as a threat to theirs or if you’re someone who’s making their mark in an industry that is “taboo,” the support is just not given.

My suggestion is not to take it personally. Keep it moving and continue onward searching for the support that you and your business need. When you do find a network, ask for help. Be specific in what you are wanting. And lastly, don’t just have your hand out. Give the same energy and support to others. 

3- Figuring out that work-life balance

When you talk about the entrepreneurial lifestyle, time management will always be a huge factor. Some women feel the need to put their business dreams to the side because they have too many personal responsibilities that require most of their attention first. Other women who are in the very starter stages, just don’t know how to manage their time more effectively.  

Now before I give you my suggestions on time management. Let me be honest by reminding you of one simple reality: Life continues moving forward even when you’re not ready for it.

Once you realize this, then you can learn how to make time work to your benefit. This can be done by delegating certain home responsibilities to a family member or certain business tasks to a virtual assistant, creating a daily routine that allows you enough flexibility to make adjustments when “life situations” arise unexpectedly, and lastly, always time-block your daily activities. 

The business start-up life is not an easy one. But, thankfully, the entrepreneurial world is shifting in favor of women entrepreneurs, which will make these challenges manageable and, eventually, a thing of the past.  

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Ro Sanchezhttps://sheslips.net
Ro Sanchez is the CEO and Founder of She.Slips, a sexual wellness brand for womxn. As an Intimacy Coach and Master Sexpert, Ro is on a mission of helping womxn break the cycle of unsatisfying intimacy and self-care so they can begin living their best lives, both professionally and personally. As a woman entrepreneur, Ro enjoys spending her time pouring into other women who are also beginning their entrepreneurial journey.

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