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The Power in Our Words: Achieving Positive Outcomes Through Positive Energy

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What we see, what we think, and what we say is what we get. This is not only a mindset—it’s an energy set. 

Everything is energy. Every emotion thought, and the thing is made of energy. This includes clothing, cars, food, and even the spoken word!  

Listen to the lyrics of a favored song and notice how you feel when you do. Notice how your body feels and what images dance through your mind. Words have power, and they matter.  

Though the things people say to you have an impact on you, the words you say to yourself have more.  

You can transform a dark thought by altering it and infusing Positive Energy 

Since the energy of the words you speak and the thoughts you think to have such tremendous influence, learning to temper them with self-acceptance and appreciation is significant. It is invaluable and adds to your emotional and spiritual strength and health.  

Balance is a moving target 

Mental health and balance go hand in hand. 

When you can find balance again and again during unusual and stressful times, you find your power. Not only that, but you also find your peace. 

Mental health is finding balance, and spiritual health is finding peace 

positive outcomes through positive energy.

Decent mental health is a state of well-being. It is the ability to socially and emotionally cope with the bumps in life and experience pleasure and happiness along the way. 

Spiritual balance is the proclivity to find connection, meaning, purpose, and peace in your life. 

Tips for igniting positive energy & producing positive outcomes 

Pay attention to how you feel as you read these words. 

I now allow the words I speak and the thoughts I think to lift my mood. With every sweet notion, I am elevated, and my energy is enhanced. 

I am love and light in action. I feel the light; I see the light, I am the light. 

Positive statements feel light, not heavy. Heavy thoughts are hard to balance. Choose the words you speak and the thoughts you think with this in mind. 

You can transmute heavy dark thoughts by altering them and infusing them with positive energy… 

To empower yourself with positive energy, start by making your thoughts with your friends! 

Replace self-criticism with any of these phrases. Choose a few to repeat during your day and feel your energy continue to soar.   

-Doubt has no power over me. Today I stand in the light and feel balanced and poised. Today I feel the power of positivity from within. Today and always, I walk with faith and grace beside me. 

-Today I just breathe and believe. 

-I am the perfect me, living out the life I need. I am energized and restored by the light within. 

-I am a grateful willing spirit with a balanced mind and an open heart. 

-My energy is ignited. My thoughts fill me with light, and the light fills me with joy. 

-I now believe in the power of self-acceptance. I am confident, strong, brave, and beautiful. 

-Today I will go in that direction, which makes me feel good. Today I believe my spirit instead of my thoughts. Today I am free.

Morning, Noon and Night 

positive outcomes through positive energy.

Find and maintain balance morning, noon, and night. Empower yourself through positive energy and the words you speak.  


-Start each morning by taking in the feeling and sound of your breath as you inhale and exhale slowly through your nose. 

 -Close then open your eyes and find three things in the room that you appreciate. Sink into the feeling as you inhale and exhale slowly through your nose.  


-Include two-minutes of listening to yourself breath during lunch. 

-Make a habit out of finding things to appreciate throughout the day. 


-In the evening before you close your eyes to sleep, acknowledge that you found balance and peace during the day. 

-Empower yourself with positive energy. End your day by making your thoughts, your friends! 

Salute the day and recognize that you now know what it means to achieve positive outcomes through positive energy. 

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My name is Jodi Livon. I am the president of The Intuitive Coach LLC, a published author and the resident psychic on a popular television show airing in the Midwest, Twin Cities Live.

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