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How Does Negativity Affect the Body: Causes & Types

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Thinking negatively can wreck havoc on your body. What the mind thinks, the body feels. People with high levels of negativity are more likely to suffer from illnesses such as degenerative brain diseases, digestive issues, cardiovascular problems. Pessimistic people tend to heal slower than those with a positive mindset.  

Causes of Negativity:

Negativity is a byproduct of insecurity and depression. Often times stemming from personality problems, life changes, illnesses, and substance abuse, negativity can become a habit. Mocking thoughts create pathways in the brain that encourage sorrow. These negative thoughts will distort the truth, making it difficult to break the negative cycle. On a positive note, generally, habits can be broken.  

How Does Negativity Affect the Body? 

Great negativity can lead to body illnesses. When gloom arises, our bodies are sent into a stress mode. Unhappiness disrupts digestion and decreases immunity, making it so easy for misery-stricken individuals to fall ill.  

Effects of negativity include: 

  • Drastic changes in metabolism (overeating or under-eating) 
  • Social withdrawal 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Fatigue 
  • Social withdrawal 

Mental health is at stake for negative thinkers. Substance abuse is high for those who are uneducated about healthy coping skills.  

Types of Negativity 

  • Jumping to Conclusions: Assumption of something bad to happen based on present circumstances.  
  • The fallacy of Change: Thinking that if people and/or circumstances change, happiness will follow for you. 
  • Hostility: Unfriendliness towards others. 
  • Blaming: Blaming others for personal problems and feeling victimized by life’s events. 
  • Cynicism: A general distrust of people. 
  • Filtering: Giving attention to what is bad in what should be a pleasant experience or memory. 
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