Monday, December 4, 2023
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My name is Jodi Livon. I am the president of The Intuitive Coach LLC, a published author and the resident psychic on a popular television show airing in the Midwest, Twin Cities Live.

6 Morning Rituals for a Day Filled with Abundance

You are here to shine, and when you are happy, you do. Happiness is a magnificent launching point for abundance. These six-morning rituals will...

Forgiveness Leaves No Aftertaste: The Art of Letting Go

Everybody could use a little self-healing now and then. You’ve been through a lot; life has presented some sharp edges, It’s time to catch your...

Feelings and Emotions Drive Your Vibe. Learn to Have Them and Not be Had By Them

Feelings and Emotions Drive Your Vibe. Hello, feelings and emotions. Your feelings naturally emerge and are a gift from the Universe. Your emotions evolve based...

The Power in Our Words: Achieving Positive Outcomes Through Positive Energy

What we see, what we think, and what we say is what we get. This is not only a mindset—it’s an energy set.  Everything is...
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