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6 Morning Rituals for a Day Filled with Abundance

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You are here to shine, and when you are happy, you do.

Happiness is a magnificent launching point for abundance. These six-morning rituals will help you set the wheels in motion.

Ritual #1:  Energize your thoughts first thing in the morning

What goes through your mind in the morning sets the stage for the day. 

When you open your eyes in the morning, fill your mind with thoughts that bring you joy.

Honor your feelings, whatever they are, and agree to aim for happiness! Affirm that you will immediately think of something that makes you feel happy throughout your day when a negative thought rolls through your mind. 

Your mind is your own. Harmonize with your joyful, happy thoughts; you have that power. 

Happiness isn’t just an emotion. It’s a decision. 

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Ritual #2:  Throughout the day, empower yourself by making mindful decisions about what you think, do, and say

Keeping your thoughts light will lift your spirits high and magnetize good things your way. To magnetize your abundance by thinking optimistically. Allow the words you speak and the thoughts you think to lift your mood. 

Have affirmations on hand such as:

  • Today, I salute every splash of goodness that comes my way
  • Today, I am thankful and grateful, and it shows
  • Today, I give my mind a break, and my spirit wings
  • Today and always, I know my worth, and I beam my beauty
  • Today, I am aligned with the energy of appreciation and abundance
  • Today, anticipation and confidence fill me up; I am grounded and grateful

Ritual #3: Choose a word to focus on for the day, such as appreciation

At the top of every hour, find something in the room to appreciate, love, or just like. Allow the feeling of appreciation to move in and through you. 

If you cannot find something to appreciate, love, or like, find something you simply do not downright hate. 

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Things to appreciate may be as simple as: 

  • Sunlight shining through a window,
  • The feel of the carpet beneath your feet 
  • The scent of coffee wafting through the air

Ritual #4:  Calm your mind by listening to your breath and gain access to your intuition

Mindful breathing isn’t a new movement; it is at the heart of many ancient practices. It’s no secret that mindful breathing practices such as meditation, tie chi, and yoga are believed to be good for the body and mind. 

Mindful breathing involves honing in on your breath. This slows down breathing patterns and is thought to considerably aid in relaxation. 

As you listen to yourself inhale and exhale slowly through your nose, you quiet your mind and allow your mood to lift and your intuition to kick into action. 

Intuition-related signs and symbols are absolutely everywhere! By practicing mindful breathing and thinking happy thoughts, intuition-related signals will be far more evident and abundance far easier to produce!  

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Benefits include:

  • An amplified sense of insightful knowing
  • Seeing the same double numbers throughout the day
  • Serendipitous occurrences
  • Heightened navigational skills 
  • Amplified gut-feelings 
  • Heightened creativity
  • The more you take notice of the signs, the stronger and more frequent they will become.

Ritual #5: Take a midday stretch break

  • Stand up 
  • Wiggle your eyebrows
  • Soften your forehead
  • Pucker and unpucker your lips
  • Unclench your jaw
  • Lift and relax your shoulders because shoulders aren’t earrings! 
  • Energize your thoughts through focus 
  • Make a choice to lean into your soul and add light to everything you think, do, and say.

Ritual #6: Before you finish showering in the morning, turn the water from hot to cold for 2-3 minutes

Physical benefits include: 

  • Increase in circulation
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Increased alertness 
  • Shinier hair
  • More luminous skin
  • Boosts energy 
  • The increased presence of being


A fabulous way to establish the foundation for a plentiful, happy, and productive day starts with creative and engaging rituals. To energize your thoughts first thing in the morning, throughout the day, aim for happy thoughts, fill yourself with appreciation and remember to breathe and believe. 

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My name is Jodi Livon. I am the president of The Intuitive Coach LLC, a published author and the resident psychic on a popular television show airing in the Midwest, Twin Cities Live.

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