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Everything You Need to Know About Korean Skincare with COSRX

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Koreans have shared their culture with the entire world. From their food to their music, it has always been a trendsetter.

In 2011, Korean skincare already emerged in the United States, but it only gained popularity during 2017. Since then, Korean skincare products have been unstoppable. Your favorite beauty brand may be a Korean brand without knowing it. 

Why do people go crazy over Korean skincare?

  • Affordability money is a massive consideration before establishing a complete skincare routine. Most people switched to Korean products because it is more affordable compared to other western brands. 
  • Personalization & Customization consumers have the freedom to choose the products they use and establish their skincare routine. With the wide variety of products to choose from that are specially formulated for different skin types (oily, dry, sensitive, and combination)
  • Quality it can be challenging to look for effective skincare products. However, numerous users have proven and tested Korean products in providing a high efficacy rate for most skin types. 
  • Ingredients people are already seeking products made with natural ingredients. They believe that it is better for the skin and the environment as well. Most K-beauty brands like COSRX are straightforward with the ingredients they use.
  • Technology & Innovation beauty is one of the biggest deals in South Korea. Korean consumers are passionate and knowledgeable about the cosmetic ingredients and products they use, so Korean beauty companies strive to produce skincare products with advanced formulas. They invest in state-of-the-art technology for better innovation. 

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These particular factors are what influenced the consumers in switching to Korean skincare. However, Korean superstars and social media are also a considerable influence in buying these products. During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people started investing in skincare products.

Korean Skincare Misconceptions

1. You need to follow the 12-step skincare routine strictly

It is the most common misconception people about Korean skincare. The truth is you do not have to do the entire routine like what most people advertise. You should always base your skincare routine on your skin needs. Comfortability is also an essential factor because you need to be consistent for it to work correctly.

You can start with a few steps and work your way through it as you please. However, you need to have effective beauty products to see the benefits. If you’re a beginner, always go for a trusted brand like COSRX before trying unknown brands to prevent unexpected skin issues.

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2. You should not use anti-aging products at an early age

Korean skincare is famous for being preventative. Preventing acne and skin aging are just some of the top priorities. Using anti-aging products at an early age is not bad for you and your skin. In fact, it is an effective way of delaying skin aging. The misconception about anti-aging products making you age faster does not make sense. If you use products with harsh ingredients, it will damage your skin. Fortunately, most Korean products are gentle to the skin and effective in repairing and preventing skin damage. 

3. You only need sunscreen on the hottest days

Not wearing sunscreen every day is the most common reason people suffer from skin damage and pigmentation. Even though it is not sunny or you work inside an office, it would be best to keep your skin protected because UVA rays can penetrate through the window. If your work requires you to stay a few feet near the window or get sun exposure, you are still at risk for sun damage.

4. Korean skincare is only for women

People perceived men who use beauty products as feminine. In this generation, men and women equally share skincare products as a form of self-care. Even Korean men use skincare products to keep their skin smooth and supple. Some beauty brands offer products specifically for men and women, but some do not. Korean beauty brands like COSRX offer skincare products suitable for both men and women. 

The Takeaway

Korean skincare is not as complicated as the majority believes it to be. Misinformation can discourage people who wanted to try it because they think it is too much work. Now that you know why and how Korean skincare works, educate your family and friends so that you can try it with them!

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