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Numrovani: Modernizing Astrology and Numerology by Siddharth S Kumaar(Founder of Numrovani)

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“Astrology isn’t a remedial science; rather, it’s a preventive science, and this is a way to live life” – Siddharth S Kumaar.

‘What is Numrovani?

“Numrovani aims to give numerology and astrology a different vision. We help individuals and businesses from married life to their acquaintances at the office. We guide individuals at every point of time when they are unable to find a path through astrology, and for business, if you notice certain features like logo size, colors, brand name hold a lot of significance, and through astrology, we help them transform and define their corporate identity.” – Siddharth S Kumaar

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Mr. Siddharth S Kumaar, as an astrologist, numerologist as well as founder of Numrovani.

In this interview, we voyaged through the memory lane of Siddharth’s life as an astrologist, from which he had shared various aspects of numerology, the significance of names, occult science at the workspace, and analyzing compatibility between two individuals. 

“I chose astrology as my career path at the age of 6” – Siddharth S Kumaar.

Magic of Occult science at workspace

“I have innovated occult science to help them in building a workplace culture which is sustainable and makes the employees happy and prosperous.

In the race for profits, employees might be sacrificing his/her own health, which is irreversible, unlike losses in business deals. The moral responsibility of organizations shall be about becoming an ethical and moral companion to think of employees’ health, strategies to inculcate a proactive work atmosphere.” – Siddharth S kumaar

How is compatibility between individuals assessed?

Marriage or relationships between individuals are always based on two parameters, be it for male or female. The details can include their name, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth. If we analyze a bond between these details, we will be able to understand various aspects like physical compatibility, emotional compatibility, and sexual compatibility, and often in conservative countries, not all these aspects are openly talked about. I believe sexual compatibility has huge potential to impact the relationship.” – Siddharth S kumaar

Launch of this year 2022…..

“This year I am planning to launch my book on sexual wellness and how sexual compatibility can be taken care of to achieve wellbeing. Relationships have a great influence over our emotions which monitor our motions and they can alter our productivity.”- Siddharth S Kumaar

Predicting my future…

“Yes, I do check my future but not each and every moment of my time , either on occasions of my birthday or prior to the same, I do take a look at my birth chart and see what brings me this year? What precautions should I take?” – Siddharth S Kumaar

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