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Fearless Pursuits: A Shelter of Nurturement to Entrepreneurs with Metaverse By Sharon Lee (Founder of Fearless Pursuits)

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“Fearless pursuit isn’t about being fearless, but it’s about the courage to say I can.” – Sharon

Fearless pursuits 

Fearless pursuits discuss finding that courage within us to perform the deep emotional work mental strength and go after every fear of our life. Living a life that we desire involves a certain amount of freedom which comes from entrepreneurship, while I help my clients to create that aspect of freedom in every part of their life, I do focus on helping people with entrepreneurship.” – Sharon 

Our Agenda 

“I built fearless pursuits about 9 years ago, and it was formed out of the idea that people aren’t living their true passions, not really going after their dreams. We are stuck in this hamster wheel driven by workload.”- Sharon

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Sharon Lee, the founder of Fearless Pursuits. 

In this interview, we have covered topics carrying from the journey of Fearless pursuits, their key programs, and female entrepreneurship and metaverse in the marketing industry.

Sales and confidence mastery

“One of the things that women particularly struggle with is confidence, especially to get clients and start a business, you would have to step out of your introverted zone. This program aims to help women create a better version of themselves. We really struggle with having a relationship with money, so this course could strengthen that bond.” – Sharon.

Challenges of being a female entrepreneur

“To be honest, the journey of becoming an entrepreneur has been like a rollercoaster ride. One of the challenges I had faced was in the marketing aspect. And social media was just beginning to get popular then, and I found it hard to bring up my company on social media for promotions and all.” – Sharon

Metaverse in the marketing industry

“I believe metaverse will be the future of the marketing industry whether we like it or not. We are in the planning stage of understanding the metaverse and on how we can implement the same for our clients who aren’t Gen Z.” – Sharon

“Mondays count for the highest suicide rates because people are stressed and do not want to go for work” – Sharon 

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