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Meditation and Hair Growth: How Staying Zen Can Lead to More Beautiful Hair

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There are so many reasons why meditating is the ultimate beauty secret.

Of course, it’s great for inner beauty, helping you cultivate mental clarity and stress less over everyday annoyances, but more and more research shows that meditation might be the key to being as lovely on the outside as you are within!

The meditation and beauty connection

We all know that true beauty comes from within. We don’t just mean being kind to others, or maintaining a positive mindset—on a concrete level, nurturing your whole body leads to observable, physical signs of health and wellness. 

Here are a few of the scientifically confirmed effects of meditation that help boost your outer beauty while nurturing the beauty within:

  • Reducing anxiety, and creating inner peace 
  • Lowering stress levels, as well as cortisol levels throughout the body
  • Boosting brain power by helping you become more focused and aware
  • Regulating blood pressure, by promoting better blood flow and circulation (hello, rosy cheeks!)
  • Balancing mind, body, and spirit to support your mental health

While all this wellness is definitely a good thing, meditation also helps support the growth of healthier, stronger hair. Here’s how!

Meditating your way to healthier hair

Meditation and Hair Growth: How Staying Zen Can Lead to More Beautiful Hair

When we meditate, we’re helping our brains stay in the present, bringing our focus to our breath. Try it now! Breathe in slowly, to the count of three. Now breathe out. Do this a few times, and you’ll likely feel your anxiety begin to diminish, and your heartbeat slow.

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Turning the subconscious process of breathing in and out into a conscious practice helps us become more aware of our subconscious mind and emotions, tuning in more precisely to the body’s physical sensations. 

This gentle awareness allows our nervous system to settle down, exiting the flight or fight response caused by stress and helping us relax, leading to beneficial effects like clearer skin and better sleep.

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How stress damages your hair?

When your body suffers from elevated stress levels, it can actually change our DNA, by altering the telomeres and receptors in the brain. Being constantly exposed to elevated levels of cortisol, the hormone produced by our body’s stress response leaves our bodies vulnerable to a host of undesirable effects, including:

  • A sluggish immune response
  • Premature aging, including gray hair and wrinkles
  • Disruption of sleep patterns
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Increased hair shed

Elevated cortisol levels may cause some people’s bodies to trigger telogen effluvium when large amounts of hair fall out all at once. Of course, losing all your hair will probably only make you stress out more! But there’s good news. Telogen effluvium is a temporary condition, which resolves itself once your stress levels return to a normal state. 

Since meditation is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress, it can help your body reset from this unfortunate state. If you believe you’re experiencing stress-related hair loss, beginning a meditation practice to lower your cortisol levels may help you regrow your shedding strands.

How to start your meditation practice?

Meditation and Hair Growth

From reading all these benefits, we bet you can see why meditation is a serious positive for your hair and overall wellness. But how do you get started? Here’s a handy DIY guide for making your daily meditation practice work:

Step one: supplement your health

When your body is experiencing high levels of stress, it can actually make it more difficult to absorb essential nutrients. Nutritional deficiencies will only make your hair shed worse, so it’s important to address these gaps ASAP.

Taking a daily hair wellness gummies in conjunction with your new meditation practice can help reintroduce critical nutritional support into your stressed-out body. We like this GRO+ gummy because they contain hair health essentials like biotin, folic acid, zinc, and other beneficial vitamins and minerals, as well as broad spectrum hemp for a calming dose of CBD that will help ease you into your new low-stress lifestyle!

Step two: find a meditation routine that works for you

Starting a meditation practice can be overwhelming, but there are tons of easy ways to get started. Here are our favorite easy ways to kick off your meditation lifestyle:

  • Download a mindfulness or meditation app on your phone. There are a ton of great options out there, so scroll around on the app store until you find your perfect fit.
  • Begin a daily gratitude list practice. While it’s not exactly meditating, keeping a positive mental attitude will help boost those reduced stress benefits
  • Try a guided meditation. There are so many Youtubers out there to explore, but this quick seven minute TED talk is a great place to start.

By starting small, you’ll be able to discover a manageable daily meditation practice that works for you.

Step three: support new growth

Last but not least, since you’re meditating (at least in part!) to help encourage healthy hair growth, you should definitely invest in products that help nourish your scalp to help support hair wellness.

To give any meditation a hair wellness boost, rub a hair serum into your scalp before you begin. Don’t be afraid to really get in there and massage it, as scalp massages (even when they’re self-administered) can dramatically reduce stress levels. We like to use a CBD serum that helps combat thinning hair by soothing your stressed-out scalp, brushing through with a boar bristle brush to help distribute the essence throughout your strands.

As you begin your meditation practice, be patient! Just as we’re sure it took time for the effects of stress to show on your hair, skin, and sleep patterns, it might take a little while for your body to stop constantly freaking out over being alive in the world. 

But if you stick with meditation and your new hair wellness practices, you’ll soon see a better, more beautiful you on the horizon. From a calmer mental attitude to thicker, healthier hair, meditation will soon become your secret weapon for beauty on the outside and within.

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