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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Relationship With Exercise

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Our relationship to exercise has to do with our personality and motivation. We know that logically, exercise is an essential element of our health routine; however, there are times which exercise just isn’t written in the stars for us. Have you ever been guilty of skipping a workout?

Do you find that you are more motivated to try one workout over another? Well, it might actually have to do with the stars. Our zodiac signs could clue us into what types of exercises work best for us, and why our relationship to exercise is the way it is. 



Aries signs are among the most athletic of the bunch. As a fire sign, Aries are passionate and always looking to expel their energy through exercise. An Aries is also the type to wake up early for a run or workout, always ensuring that they meet their daily or weekly goals. When in an exercise class, and Aries is usually the leader of the pack!



Taurus signs are known for being a bit on the self-indulgent side and don’t love to stress their bodies out too much, especially when it comes to exercise. They are likely best doing a floor workout that doesn’t seem too strenuous. They are also fans of luxury, so unique classes or luxurious hot yoga sessions do a Taurus a lot of good.



Geminis are easily distracted, so they seek workouts that are interesting enough to keep them fully engaged. If it’s too structured or routine, they’ll get bored. As with many things, Geminis have an up-and-down relationship to exercise. To make the workout a hit rather than a miss, Geminis should find interesting or unique classes that take place in an energetic group setting.



Cancer signs are deep-rooted in emotion, and they feel emotional about working out as well. They do best in classroom settings where the activity connects the mind to the body. Yoga or Soulcycle hits that sweet spot for Cancerians, turning exercise into a cathartic and healthy way for them to get their emotions out.



A Leo needs their workout to be a party and needs a space in which they can shine. Dancing is a great form of exercise for a Leo because it allows them to combine their desire to impress, be in the spotlight, and feel sexy with their ability to exercise. Dance classes like Zumba suit them best.



A Virgo is very efficient and likes to be pragmatic about everything, including exercise. They do best when their training fits perfectly into their schedule, and they’ll want something that makes the most of their time working out. Heading to a gym where they can go through a personalized workout (perhaps via trainer) helps them feel like they are making the most of their time. Cardio on a treadmill or any machine that tracks their progress, distance, calories, etc. is going to feel satisfying to a Virgo.



A Libra is all about feeling completely balanced. They want to exercise in a way that connects their mind, breath, and body. Barre or Pilates is a great workout for a Libra because it gets them in touch with all of those elements. It also allows them to focus on slow but challenging movements. A Libra has an excellent relationship to exercise because this sign knows that it’s crucial for internal balance.



Scorpios are intense and known to be very sensual. When they exercise, they go full-out. They have a unique and very close relationship to their own bodies, so they can appreciate the value that exercise brings to their sense of self. They excel in engaging in deeply intense workouts that are notoriously difficult (such as a Bootcamp) because they want something to throw themselves into.



This adventurous and very athletic sign loves to exercise. They are good at pretty much anything that involves athleticism, and they enjoy switching it up. One day, they may want to do a hike, and the next, they might be into HIIT training. They love trying new things, especially new workouts, and are always carrying the energy to make the most of it.



Capricorn signs are competitive rule-followers. They like exercising because they see it as a challenge within themselves and against others. Their competitive nature is celebrated with exercise, especially in a sports setting, so it allows them to be their best selves. They’d enjoy 1-on-1 sports such as Tennis or Raquetball. 



An Aquarius is a humanitarian at heart, always trying to connect with the earth. Aquarius signs tend to have a hard time fitting in exercise into their daily lives because it feels overwhelming. For this reason, walks or runs with friends or in nature is what serves them best. It gives them a chance to connect with the planet and make use of their exercising time in a thoughtful way.



A Pisces is someone who would rather spend time daydreaming than going through a workout. They love to live in fantasy, and the challenge of exercise sends them into a realm of reality which they don’t exactly enjoy. They need a workout that provides them with an element of escape. They might enjoy a cirque class or something that involves swimming (they are the fish, after all).

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This article was written by Mary Cole, an astrologer and tarot card reader, who has spent her life honing her craft and connecting to the spiritual world.

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