Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Do Only Boring People Get Bored? Key Ways To Awaken Your Creativity!


Growing up, I read, studied, and played sports…a lot. Meanwhile, my best friend Sheryl sketched, painted, and sculpted beautiful works of art. So, from a young age, I narrowly defined creativity as applying only to arts and music. Only later did I realize creativity applies to practically everything…and that we all possess it.  

Creativity is a core skill that opens doors in today’s fast-paced, social and connected world. It’s an everyday success skill that allows you to collaborate and solve problems in new and surprising ways, whether it’s at home, socially with your friends, or in your academic and work lives. 

Creativity also offers a meaningful way to express your originality while doing something you actually love. Go figure? “Time you enjoy wasting isn’t wasted time,” John Lennon says. 

Key Ways To Awaken Your Creativity

Here’s a list of ideas to help will you tap into the creative genius that lives within you.

  • Try hands-on writing. How about a short story, poem, song, or anything you may find interesting. 
  • Sketch, paint, design or sew something
  • Make an entertaining scrapbook of your last family vacation.
  • Put on your apron and cook a new dish or do a seasonal twist on a favorite dish.
  • Decorate your room (or partner or with your kids) with things you find interesting
  • Choreograph and do a dance routine to a favorite song
  • Scrap material at home? Create something from existing products you find at home
  • Take a course, join a workshop, or watch a YouTube video or Tedx Talk on anything you’d like to know more.

Having a balanced state of mind is so important to cultivate your creativity. There is plenty of seriousness and responsibility in life. Therefore, taking care of yourself and engaging with others becomes an avenue to express and boost your creativity. 

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