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Thoughts on Trailblazing Beauty industry With Metaverse by Sonia Khemiri (The CEO and co-founder of Beautyque NYC’s)

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“We were faced with a wall with no doors to escape during the pandemic owing to the challenges, so we found a window through which we took the lead and jumped out, and that’s how we pitched in the idea of a 3-D beauty storefront” – Sonia 

Metaverse emerging as the new trend

Metaverse is a variant of virtual space through which augmented reality is portrayed; it defines a futuristic digital world governed by hypothetical iteration.

Metaverse occupies a valid position in the current trends, tech-giants tying bonds with meta and marriage in metaverse leading the top trends. Industries like beauty, marketing, technology are jumping behind the bandwagon by collaborating with metaverse and modernizing their respective platforms.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Sonia Khemiri, the CEO and founder of Beautyque NYC’s.

Morning Lazziness is proudly presenting to you this interview where we have brought the concept of metaverse before our women readers for the first time. It is indeed a great achievement for women entrepreneurs worldwide as they begin to tie bonds with meta and step into the 3-D virtual space of the future. In this interview, we brought the spotlight on matters concerning Beautyque NYC’s and their experience implementing a virtual 3-D storefront.

Our story

“Beautyque NYC’s is a 3-D virtual beauty storefront and the first multi-brand in the beauty industry. We offer products and brands that level up the routine of our customers, and our selections are pretty rigid in that sense.

In May 2020, we launched our store in the digital space with the help of metaverse, and we didn’t do it to become a part of the future trend. Rather, we adopted it as we were challenged by covid and we wanted to give unique experiences to our customers. We have 40 brands so far, and we look forward to adding more.” – Sonia

The future of beauty industry with the metaverse

“The gaming industry where I had worked previously has created a digital universe for the players, and now the deep-pocket beauty brands are collaborating with the gaming industry to implement metaverse. Being a financial analyst by training, I am also analyzing the growth of the digital space, and Beautyque NYC’s is totally in it.” – Sonia

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