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Instagram Inspiration: Hacks To Style Your Favourite Pair Of Boots With Jeans

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Most of the women have one such question in mind…“What boots do I wear with this type of jeans?” 

There is a variety of denim available in the market with different styles, and the same goes for boots as well. In order to look good, your fashion experiment must turn out to be a good fashion sense; otherwise, you’ll fail the look. 

Many women find it difficult to decide how to pair boots and jeans – if you’re still not sure about it, don’t worry. We’re here to help you out with some tips and tricks. 

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Skinny Jeans

I’m really pretty obvious with this one; for skinny jeans, you have got multiple ways to wear boots.

Either you can tuck in your jeans or make a cuff (you can make different types of cuffs – single, double, or large – totally depending upon your choice).

You can wear any type of boots with skinny jeans – choose taller boots as they look best with skinny jeans. For ankle-length boots, you can make a cuff.

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Straight or Tapered Jeans

The styling for this type of jeans is much similar to the previous one. But here, the choice of boots would be limited.

Go for either ankle-length boots or mid-calf boots. Cuffs look great with ankle-length boots for these pairs of jeans. You can try different types of cuffing.

Wide Leg Jeans And Cropped Jeans

Wide-leg jeans don’t demand any extra styling with boots. Why? Because they are wide at the bottoms, you put no extra effort.

Ankle-length boots or boots that are low-rise look good with wide-leg jeans.

Coming to the cropped jeans now, no other type of boots than ankle-length boots can pair up with cropped jeans – cropped jeans and ankle-length boots are the best pair. 

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Mom Jeans

Heeled ankle boots are the perfect pair of boots to wear with mom jeans, prove me wrong if you can.

Chic yet casual, this classic combo spices up your mom’s jeans to make your daytime look easier.

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Flared Jeans

Square or almond toe ankle boots are the perfect boot to wear with flared jeans.

Don’t go with the high boots with flared jeans, it doesn’t go well and you’ll end up making your overall look no-so-good.

Boot-Cut Jeans

The best boots to wear with boot-cut jeans are pointy toe Chelsea boots. This completely makes sense, try it with yourself!

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