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All You Need to Know About “Be Bold Be You Be UMA” by Rita Kakati-Shah (The CEO of UMA)

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How was UMA born?

“I started UMA in response to my personal and professional journey as a full-time mom. I started my career in finance, and after a decade, I transitioned into the pharmaceutical industry, where I was leading business development. After becoming a mother of 2 kids, I took almost 4 and half years to just raise them. I wanted UMA to establish a connection between the paid workforce and a full-time mom, empower women by building up skills like leadership, communication, and confidence and build a bridge with companies on their strategies.” – Rita.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Rita Kakati Shah, the CEO, and founder of UMA. UMA is a platform that renders mentoring and training sessions to brush up on one’s skills before they get back to the workforce after a break.

Most women find it challenging to continue their career path after attaining motherhood, but UMA can help you cross that obstacle through their services. This interview is dedicated to all the wonderful moms out there who are bold role models for future generations.


“When folks try to reintegrate themselves back into the workforce, we advise companies a lot on the strategies; there is an onboarding journey where we give confidence training, mentoring, and building up skills to transition back into the workforce. In the company’s perspective, we spent a lot of time with managers and team on helping the new person integrate back into the workforce again.” – Rita.

Optimistically Tackling the biased reality in the corporate world.

“When a company sees a gap in the resume and the reason for which is motherhood, there’s a bias. You are 50% less likely to be even called up for a job interview because of that gap. Now, rather than taking it as negative, flip it around and ask yourself, are they trying to catch you out? Are they asking me indirectly if I can get the work done and be liable to the workforce?. Tell them your plan on how you can balance family with the workforce and let the company’s ask what they ask, just offer them a response in a positive and empowered manner.” – Rita.

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