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How To Deal With Jealous People: 9 Effective Ways

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Is it really hard to deal with jealous people? When someone has this feeling on you, it can affect your relationship with that person – or worse, it can ruin your life. 

People can be jealous of anything, such as your personality, career, happiness, physical appearance, and other things. They often react negatively to your blessings and accomplishments.

One of the reasons is because they feel inadequate, afraid, or insecure. They see something in you that they could not become or attain. Instead of being grateful for what they have, they focus more on their deficiency and insecurities.

So, to help you deal with jealous people in your life, check out some of these effective ways you might find helpful:

1. Try not to judge them.

Some actions of jealous people may seem unloving and unkind. But not all are always toxic or bad. Be reminded that there is a root cause of their jealousy in life. Sometimes, they just need someone to help them overcome it.

2. Show some empathy.

Develop a sense of empathy with the people who are jealous of you. By doing this, you can easily understand where they are coming from. Why are they jealous in the first place? What is going on in their lives that have triggered their jealousy?

3. Stay positive as much as possible.

Deal with jealous people by not retaliating with negative actions. For instance, you can spread a positive influence through your words. Try to look at anything good in these people and compliment them. Be reminded that it is not you who hold the issue – but them. If they are jealous of you, take it as a motivation that you are doing something right.

4. Display some acts of kindness.

Disarm their jealousy by showing some acts of kindness. In fact, it is something they least expect from you. Hence, surprise them by being kind despite their negative behavior towards you.

5. Address the root of the issue head-on.

You might as well consider a head-on confrontation with the jealous people. Calmly ask them about their feelings and treatment toward you. Inquire about what is bothering them. Find a perfect time and place if you are planning to talk to them about what is happening. Do it wisely and in a relaxed way.

6. Spend more your energy and time on the right people.

You can also deal with jealous people by limiting your interaction with them. Devote your energy and time to those who genuinely love you instead.

7. Learn how to react positively about their not-so-good treatment and comments.

Try to ignore their behavior if possible. Whenever there are unpleasant comments about you, do not take them personally. Take their hateful remarks with a smile instead. You can also set boundaries like distancing yourself from them to resist being tempted from retaliating.

8. Help them.

Do not take pride in showing these people that you are better than them. If you can sense that there is jealousy in the air, avoid boasting about yourself. On the contrary, turn the focus on them and help these folks improve themselves. Let them know you are not a threat or even competing with them.

9. Retract and move on.

When all else fails, and you already did your very best, but nothing happened, then you better move on with your life. Do not let the situation ruin your mental health and overall well-being. Perhaps these people’s jealousy is taking them to a different level, and they already need professional help. Therefore, let the experts handle that. 

In addition, you can either remove these people from your life or limit your interaction with them.

Deal with Jealous People Wisely

As human beings, we tend to compare ourselves with other people. That is why jealousy is something hard to evade. In fact, it is part of the human experience in this world.

Thus, learn to react positively whenever you encounter individuals with this issue. Deal with jealous people wisely and calmly.  

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