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Are You Jealous? Where does Jealousy Come From?

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Why do we get jealous of the people who are doing better than us? Have you ever felt this – a feeling of jealousy with dear ones?

What is Jealousy?

Jealousy is a mental state of mind. Where a person forgets who they are, walks away from reality, and barely can’t differentiate between good or bad. If you find yourself always wondering why I am so jealous, it is time to face the real issue.

Jealousy can ruin one’s relationship, sabotage inner-self, and exhaust mental peace. It’s a sweet poison which people drink in their daily life to survive- whether in an office or home. 

Where does jealousy come from?

Jealousy is like a seed; the more progress you make, the better achievements you get; the more people get envious of you. Once the seed of jealousy gets planted in mind, even the smallest comment becomes the reason for the irrational thought process. 

Anger, strange thoughts start blooming in one’s mind, and often it takes control over happiness. During jealousy, people start associating themselves with other people regarding wealth, persona, character, goals, dreams, in everything.

Jealousy is a threat, and with time it grows only; the anxiety of chasing others, feeling unworthy of love can make one hyper-aware of anything that could sabotage their well-being. However, it isn’t easy to nail down the source of jealousy when it is taking over.

Why am I so jealous?

If you find yourself most of the time scrolling other’s Instagram feeds, monitoring what your friends are doing, and finding it troublesome to trust a new person, certainly, you have become an over jealous person. 

Let’s identify the signs which make you jealous. Maybe it can help you face the cause head-on and get over those doubtful feelings.

Your Past: 

The chances can be that your past relationship ended devastatingly, and you have become your biggest aggressor when feeling jealous. As per the research, those who went through a bad or toxic relationship face trust issues when encountering new people. These are the people who built a protective shield around them and didn’t let anyone enter their premises to hurt them again. They act irrationally because these people are dead-set on securing what they have.

So, if you are one of them to whom past relationship bothers, communicate to your partner. Let them know what’s worrying you and what you’ve been through in the past. Your better half will respect and understand your past fears with your ex helps to ease your jealousy. 

Your Insecurity:

You feel insecure when you see your favorite person hanging around with someone else, and that turns into jealousy. It boosts your ego and, deep down, shallows your feelings. 

Broken Trust:

You have a bad past; perhaps somebody has lied or cheated on you, and now rebuilding trust has become challenging. You don’t want the things to hurt you again; that’s why you try to maintain a distance with the people, whether in the workplace, home, or relationship. Even if the person has given you no substantiated reason to be jealous, once the trust is broken, jealousy sneaks through all those cracks.


When we are on the mission of protecting ourselves from getting hurt, we often self-sabotage. We wish to end things earlier before they start hurting us. We start pushing ourselves away from the dear one before they push away. This can be brought on by fear, low self-esteem, and a variety of things.


The primary cause of jealousy is FEAR. We all have a fear of losing something special, a fear of getting heartbroken, fear of pain, and fear of living alone is so sturdy, it can negate everything you do.

The feeling of fear is nothing less than paralyzing, and when it shows through jealousy, it becomes very ugly. Just letting go of the feelings of fear can take some weight away.

Wrapping up!

Never let jealousy control your mind. If you feel jealous of people, disconnect yourself from those characters for a while, or stop stalking them on social media. Join meditation classes to calm your inner peace. Slowly you will discover a new version of yourself, with no more hatred and only love. 

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