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5 Times Bollywood Movies Inspired that Flowers Can Do it All

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From creating flower showers to decorating them on the bed, every idea inches out from the Bollywood movies. These fanatics and cuddly romantic movies have never failed to amaze us with their amazing scripts. They teach you in every possible way about how to romance with your partner. None of us will ever accept that the trend to buy flowers online or use them for proposals has been inspired by Bollywood. 

Whether it was Simran and Raj in the beautiful mustard fields or a couple kissing behind the sunflowers, we have loved it all.

Flowers have always been a very important part of our life, starting from the first date to the funerals. Got a bit serious, right? So, let us turn the mood a bit romantic with these beautiful things called flowers.

This article will go through a series of Bollywood movies that have used flowers and made us go gaga over them.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ)

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

One cannot forget this 90s blockbuster movie, DDLJ, and the amount of romance it brought. People literally started proposing to their partners in the middle of the beautiful gardens or created iconic scenes in the mustard fields. DDLJ brought a new wave of romance and love because of the serene mustard field scene.


This might be a boring one for all the millennials, but you should go and ask your grandmas and grandpas about what this song was for them.

It meant a proposal for the people of that era since they did not have the leisure of using smartphones like us. The very famous song of this movie, ‘Phool tumhe bheja hai khat mein,’ was a source of energy for all the couples.

Many people in those times started sending petals of roses in their letters to express their love. But today, this song brings two different worlds together. As with the help of online flower delivery, along with a message card, send it to your special one – this intertwining of two different eras molded the romance.

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

This Salman Khan-Madhuri Dixit starrer movie had set a perfect example for all the lovers. Both of them were the most favorite couples in those times and created the #couple goals, which is what we say these days. The flower scene which they showed was a true depiction of what romance should look like. Young ladies and gentlemen were so mesmerized by this movie that there were queues outside the florist shops.

Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai

The Hrithik-Ameesha movie Kaho Na Pyaar Hai was the most amazing movie of its time. These two debutants created a buzz in those times with the fun magic tricks and flower dance. The very famous song ‘Chand Sitare Phool Aur Khushboo’ was a trending song, and I am sure this song must have been a part of many proposals.


Who doesn’t love getting the flower showers? No one will not enjoy the lovely flower shower and a sweet proposal. This movie showed an epic scene of how the hero expresses his love for the heroine by showering rose petals on her. You cannot deny the fact that everyone will love to have this soothing flower proposal. For once, you can also play the very famous song of this movie, “Zara Si Dil Mein Jagah Tu,” along with the proposal. 

These are some popular Bollywood movies, famous for the lovely ways they have used flowers. You can also plan to surprise your loved ones with these amazing flowers by placing an order online for them. I bet your special one will surely love this fantastic surprise from your side. And will be delighted to get a proposal in a typical Bollywood style. 

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