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Mamta Gera On Leadership Coaching and Consultancy (The founder of ‘The Leader in you’)

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“After working with giant tech companies like Amazon and BBC, I progressed from a developer to a project manager and later became the head of delivery. As I began managing a team, I felt that I was bringing many of my bad habits to work like being passive, avoiding conflicts, not speaking about my opinions and I was unable to manage difficult situations and relationships. I conveyed my tensions to my HR and she suggested to try coaching and had put me in touch with a Swedish organization that coached in English as well. I joined an 8-month coaching program that blew my mind and it helped me to understand the root of my problems and find solutions to the same so I added those teachings to the leadership role I played. After seeing the progress in me, I thought, why not start my own coaching, and now 4 years after, I am happily able to assist different individuals with leadership coaching and consultancy.” – Mamta

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Mamta Gera, a leadership coach, consultant as well as founder of ‘The Leader in you’.

During the conversation, we have managed to envelop topics related to Mamta’s career journey, the key services she provides through the podcast ‘That Tech Show’, in which she participated, and many more arenas concerning leadership. Don’t forget to check out the full interview session!

The Leader in you

“My core offerings are one-to-one coaching and also group coaching which are both 8-month programs. Along with that, I also design leadership programs for big companies like UCL, Naked wines, etc..and more services are available on my official platform here.

Leadership qualities

“In my opinion, the qualities that every leader could develop to become great leaders includes, Good self-awareness as it will help you to intune with other people’s feelings and thoughts along with handling yours. Secondly, a high level of empathy and understanding of organizational culture is also very important to influence your team as a leader and be able to regulate your emotions and thoughts. And thirdly, a good leader should have the ability to visualize and have strategic thinking as well, because along with managing the team, it is key to look ahead and push forward to achieve the company goals as well as personal goals.” – Mamta

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