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It Has Been Seven Years Of Our Marriage, And My Husband Cooks Breakfast For Me, Breaking The Society Stereotype

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 I am not boasting, but it is every day that I wake up to a sumptuous and fulsome breakfast cooked by my dearest better half. It’s been years and he is not tired and I have not entered the kitchen in the early hours of the morning. 

Let Me Give You Reasons.

  • He does not care a dime about what the world thinks about his action of cooking breakfast for me. 
  • He cooks breakfast out of the sheer love he has for me. 
  • He purely and irrevocably enjoys cooking.
  • He knows I suffer from low blood pressure in the morning, and it is difficult for me to stand and cook breakfast in the kitchen. 
  • His love for me is beyond society and his mother’s constant urge to make me cook breakfast for him. 
  • For the past seven years, he did not complain once about how nasty I sounded when the omelet was too oily or when I was PMS-ing – I just needed some cookies for breakfast. 
  • He grew up with noisy siblings but preferred to stay quiet while I mumbled in the morning, and he cooked me breakfast. 
  • He acknowledges that women don’t belong in the kitchen. They belong wherever they want to belong. 
  • Few men respect the boundaries, wishes, desires, mere dislike for cooking, and dreams of women. He is one of them. 
  • He knows cooking breakfast for me is his way of showering love early in the morning – A rare thing to have. I am glad I have it. And I wish all the women who do not like to be stereotyped; get husbands like mine. 

Societal Pressures, Women Caught In Between

It is not every day that you hear from someone that their husband cooked breakfast for them. Men who do household chores are not men. But women. We grew up listening to this fact, and we still have them ingrained in our veins. 







We live in 2022. But the mindset in 1800. 

Societal norms are nothing but mothers and fathers instilling in their sons and daughters that MEN CAN NOT COOK AND ONLY WOMEN SHOULD COOK. 

What will the world think? How will the world pursue this? What, really? 

Is SHE making HER husband cook for them? 

How can SHE be so selfish? What does SHE think of HERSELF? 

Why cannot SHE cook? 

HER mother taught HER nothing before marriage? 

SHE cannot even cook for HERSELF!?!? 

How will SHE handle a baby if SHE cannot take care of HERSELF and HER husband?

The reason I highlighted SHE, HER, HERSELF is because men are held at arm’s length when it comes to 

  • taunting, 
  • demeaning, 
  • disregarding, 
  • degrading, 
  • fault-finding, and 
  • criticizing. 

It is all saved for the women of today. 

Liberty For Men, Bondage For Women


Men live at privileged liberty right from their births. The mothers who raise them teach them that it is harmful to enter the kitchen; it is not suitable for you to cook for yourself or others. And that you should not do all these things. Why? You should only study, work, and earn money for the family. 

These mothers then hunt for a silent, obeying, timid, humble, and cultured daughter-in-law. 

Laugh before I tell you the joke. These mothers then instill in their daughter-in-law’s weapons of 

  • tears, 
  • taunts, 
  • guilt, 
  • back answers, 
  • constant bickering, 
  • silent humming,
  • obnoxious muttering,
  • throwing tantrums, 
  • passive aggression, and 
  • dark humor. 

It is harmful to their husbands to enter the kitchen 

It is not suitable for them to cook for you or others. 

And that they should not do all these things. 

Why? They should only study, work, and earn money for the family. 

You got me right. I repeated it! 

That is a joke. 

That is societal pressure. 

Found in the family. 

Joint families, to be precise. 

How else will you get culture? 

How else will you learn the stereotype? 

How else will you save yourself from embarrassing yourself by breaking societal norms? 

The same societal stereotype got broken by my husband. 

It has been seven years of our marriage, and my husband cooks breakfast for me, breaking the societal stereotype. 

Take Away Home Message

The women reading this article must have sighed in relief, thinking they feel the same, bear the same, have the same. But they dream of such a loving and caring husband. 

Some women might hate me for talking about mothers who raise their sons the way I portrayed it. But you cannot change the fact. The truth remains that your mother-in-law hates you for not cooking for her beloved munchkin. Even if he is a 30-year-old giant adult today

The men reading this article must have marveled how men can do such things? I cannot do it. I will not do it. I will only obey what my mother says. If she wants my wife to cook, my wife has to cook. No matter what.

On the other hand, some men might genuinely give it a thought. They might start cooking breakfast for their wives, thinking about how much it would mean to them and how loving and caring men would become towards their wives. 

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