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6 Ways to Figure Out What’s Missing In Your Life

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Are you lost and can’t figure out what career path to take? Financially unstable and is caged from a toxic relationship? Or there’s a burden of doing things that makes you feel unhappy?

Please know that whatever you feel right now is valid. You don’t have to keep it to yourself because everyone walks through the same struggle. You just have to look back and search for what is lacking. Here’s how;

1. Look where you are.

Positioning is more important than your position. Find out where you lack. Is it because you’re financially struggling? Confused with your chosen career, or you’re dealing with a toxic relationship? Or do you just suddenly feel unhappy and lonely for no particular reason?

Realize that even if you also acquire those things you desire, it will still give you a feeling of emptiness and lack. And so, it is important to know where that feeling of emptiness comes from. To find it out, you have to go back to your roots. Go back to what nourishes and preserves you; in other words, go back to the bedrock of your Christianity. You have to build on things that are consistent and not temporary.

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2. Humbly recognize your situation.

Stop trying to ignore and pretend as if nothing is wrong with you, just so you won’t look lacking. You take things for granted because you find it not obvious at first. But you can only depart from your current situation if you know how to acknowledge it.

The more you don’t address it, the more dangerous it becomes. And if you keep on pursuing things that are not aligned with your purpose, you will only end up feeling empty. It takes humility to recognize that something is wrong or missing in your life.

3. Intentional submission to the process of restoration.

Prepare yourself to walk on the path of healing. Also, be willing to change things that you think you need. To free yourself from looking at the missing piece in your heart. You are the only key and answer to your questions because that is your life and journey. So, submit your life, destiny, decision, and purpose into God’s will because it is not a subtraction; it is a multiplication.

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4. Surrender your plans in life.

Are you financially unstable? Heartbroken? Lost? Lonely? Or whatever you feel that you think is valid, to have a heartful and prayerful surrender is the key. You must be willing to let go of the attachments that you have.

Don’t be so attached to yesterday that you cannot move forward towards tomorrow. Instead, just say ‘Yes to God’s purpose in your life, even if you don’t know how, and just find out the details later.

When you are aligned with God’s purpose in your life, you are guaranteed that nothing will be missing or lacking.

5. Surround yourself with the right people.

Oftentimes, you miss out on things in life when you’re surrounded by people who are not a good influence on you. Your focus and perspective are redirected, so you tend to be led somewhere far from where you’re supposed to be. Therefore, choose the right company of happy and motivated people. They will inspire you and lead you to the right path for your missing piece.

6. Make time for yourself.

Everyone needs time for themselves to relax and meditate, especially when you don’t know where life is taking you. Your time is valuable, and you should be doing things that can help clear up your mind. The emptiness that you’re feeling right now is probably longing for self-love. Sometimes, loving yourself first can fill in that missing piece in your heart.

If you still can’t figure out what’s missing in your life, allow yourself to do things that you love. Make money through your passion, learn to love yourself first before others, be content with what you have, and most importantly, go back to your first love. We can never deny that apart from God, life is meaningless.

You may reach your goals in life, but if your heart is not aligned with God’s purpose, you’re still empty. Maybe he is the missing piece in your heart; you just have to allow him in your life. The safest way to be is in him, you have the assurance, and he knows the next move. He will restore you to a place of alignment.

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