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How to Overcome Negativity And Live Happily

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Fear and negativity; they are the mortal enemies for us! It’s our inevitable battle. 

Surrendering to negative thoughts and fear exhausts our souls, minds, and our bodies. They can haunt us during our days and nights. Fear and negativity hinder our progress in life, prevent us from thinking clearly and wisely. So, the only option is to fight. 

You have to fight with fear and negativity until you get your freedom. Yes, to free yourself so you can enjoy living your life.

In the beginning, we have to admit and know that fear and negative thoughts are created by our imagination. These may arise from traumatic events that happened in the past, or maybe bad stories we’ve heard from friends or neighbors. They can also be tragic incidents that happened -accidentally and get stuck in your mind. Let’s be practical here. It doesn’t matter where these ugly thoughts come from; what matters is your brain!

Exactly, your brain stores these incidents, and then draws “a false picture” of what if the worse happened?! What if that happened to you, and your brain keeps demanding answers for those “hypothetical groundless questions.”

Now, you are here because you searched for ways to fight with these fragile, malignant enemies, so the good news is that you are in the right place.  

Below I will share how you can conquer through these episodes. 

Ignore and Don’t Believe: 

Here’s one crucial point; thoughts are still thoughts; either they are positive or negative. Also, imagination is just imagination. None of that is real!

One of the needed urgent strategies to deal with negativity and fear is ignored and stop thinking. 

You have to prevent your mind from sweeping in thoughts and keep telling it I won’t listen to you. In other words, be brave and take control of your brain and the what if’s.  

In addition to that, you are the one who knows who you truly are and what situations you’ve been through. So, once fear whispers to you that you can’t go through with it, face it with truth, and tell it that he’s a liar! You know how strong you are, and how hard you’ve worked to reach your job, promotion, etc. and you won’t let this little liar take that away from you. 

One more thing, our brains love drama, so brains usually visualize the worst scenario and neglect all other scenarios even though they were more realistic and much more likely to happen. So, ignore and don’t believe it.

Practice your mind to think positively:

According to science, we need to deal with our brains as muscles. That means we can apply the rule “practice makes perfect.” To explain, when you train your mind regularly to think positively and focus on the full-half part of every situation you face in life, you will notice the emerging new mentality. Most importantly, you will feel less stressed, more comfortable, and more willing to live life.

Avoid negativity/fear-inducers:

This is a very critical step in our battle against fear and negativity. Getting to know what induces the restlessness of your mind and soul will make this journey way easier. It might be people, things, places, or even horror movies, just quit dealing with them. Be merciful and stop torturing your soul. You don’t have to handle any of the previous inducers. If you force yourself to handle them, they will cost you your health and happiness. It’s not a good deal.

Be Patient: 

I am sorry to say this, but you have to know that this fighting will take time. It’s like when you practice for a marathon. It takes months, not just a few days. However, you’ll feel the development and progress day by day, and in the end, you will win. Also, remember that you aren’t alone. All of us are struggling with fear and negative thoughts every day. So, have faith with yourself and be committed, and never give up.

Do Replacement: 

There are no empty brains; that’s a fact. So, when you decide to remove or delete anything or even ignore any idea, you have to replace it with something else. Stop overthinking about fear of losing your job, money, or failing at something. It helps to think about something else. In fact, you have to take advantage of this phenomenon. You can create imagination about things you dream of or achievements you plan to reach. Maybe you can keep yourself busy, join a new course, learn a new skill, etc. I mean, push yourself to be more involved in the life and celebrate your real moments. 


Being extremely serious and exaggerating in reactions may cause some sort of negativity. So, relax! Take it easy. Laugh when you hear a joke, laugh when a funny situation happens, and make sure to have some audible laughs. Laugh now, while reading this, you won’t lose anything! 

Talk to a specialist: 

Don’t be shy. Talk to a specialist if you feel you have to. Again, you are the one who knows yourself, your brain, and your soul. So, listen to your body carefully. Sometimes you just need to talk to a friend or a family member. The point is when you feel you have to confide in someone, don’t hesitate and talk!

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