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How Not To Be Toxic On Social Media?

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Social media already took part in our daily lives, both in good and bad ways. It is helpful to those looking for knowledge and quite toxic to people who always see insecurity. Let’s all be honest; social media can be a scary place.

Have you ever doubted yourself? Or do you often feel not confident every time you see someone bragging about their new clothes or achievements in life? Maybe, you frequently misinterpret or misunderstood a message someone has sent to you on screen?

If you do so, well, you need some time to recharge and go back to the good old days.

Now, allow me to share some ways on how not to be toxic on social media.

1. Know your worth

What do you think is your worth? Are you worthy of devaluing yourself because you always see someone on-screen living a better life than you?

Do you think your worth is to punish yourself for judging others harshly online?

Or you probably see your worth as someone who despised others for being happy.

Let me tell you, dear, you are worthy and blessed just the way you are. So, stop focusing on other people’s life. Please don’t compare your season to their harvest time because your breakthrough is yet to come.

Also, remind yourself to appreciate the little things around you. Not because you see someone posting an almost perfect life doesn’t mean yours is unwelcome. You can always post your not so magnificent pictures on social media. Don’t you know that simple things are better than grand?

I tell you, many will love your authentic self.

2. Always remind yourself that reality is not on social media

I know most of us are sometimes confused about the real and virtual world. However, keep in mind that what others post on social media isn’t always real.

So, don’t get jealous of people posting their happy relationships online; sometimes, it’s only on the virtual world. Never feel insecure about people posting their transparent skin that might be edited. But if that makes them feel better and confident, that is so fine. Just don’t get confused about what’s real and not. Also, encouraging posts online don’t always come from substantial people. Sometimes, they are depressed and mentally ill that needs time and attention.

It’s better to separate yourself from the unrealistic world. But if you can’t stop yourself from browsing through your social media accounts, at least know what facts and hoaxes are, especially when you’re reading news. Always go for credible online sites before sharing information with your friends.

3. Refrain from posting negative thoughts on social media

Does posting negative thoughts makes you feel better? Is it fun dragging someone down so that you can excel? If you think you, then you’re living in a toxic world.

Instead of spreading negative vibes, why not spread some good news and encouraging thoughts? Because if I were you, I won’t waste time bashing and making fun of other people. I also firmly believed that if you keep doing that, it’ll inevitably come back at you.

If you hate someone online, feel free to block that person rather than torturing yourself. Because what you’re doing is emotionally unhealthy for you. Why not just follow and make friends with people who’ll encourage you.

Stop the hate and spread Love!

4. Never argue with someone on social media

We all have different opinions, mainly when we talk about politics. I’m sure many of you know how toxic social media is when it comes to political insights.

Many people will surely come out, vigorously defending their opinion on a particular topic. The worst is when friends become enemies after blurting out different opinions.

Others mindset are.. “you can never be friends with someone opposed to your belief.” You’ll get bashed, and people will surely belittle you for giving your judgment. We have freedom of speech, but at least we know when to use it right. Moreover, it is better to keep quiet and leave all the toxicity in life.

Just enjoy the peace you have when you choose to shut your mouth up.

5. Take some time off on social media

To someone who is mentally unstable, insecure, and jealous, the social media world might be unhealthy for you. What you see online isn’t always helpful; this might trigger your emotional capacity.

If you can’t handle it, go back to the time when you enjoyed talking and going out with friends without phones in your hands. Take a look at the beauty of mother nature, meditate, and read encouraging books while you’re away from the social media world.

I know these tips might not be easy, but at least give it a try. It’ll surely make a huge difference in how you value life. Always look at the bright side.

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Marydel Mitch Flores
Mitch loves to write, she's a screen play writer and a short film maker. Also, she loves to play piano, music is one of her passion. She always believe to "Let all that you do be done with Love" ?

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