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Karwanna D Talks About Entrepreneurship and Empowerment

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“There are a number of habits that every entrepreneur must follow like commitment since there will be a lot of things coming in your way, if you aren’t committed, you might find yourself giving up.”- Karwanna.

She’s Got Goals Academy

“I was motivated to start ‘She’s Got Goals Academy’ by my own entrepreneurial journey during which I wasn’t fully aware about business and had to learn things by accident and I was able to find my way to success. I wish to empower young women who aspire to start their own business like I did and walk them through this journey, so that they can become successful entrepreneurs and grow their passion into business.” – Karwanna D

Morning Lazziness is bringing you an exclusive interview session with Ms. Kawanna D, an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and the founder of ‘She’s Got Goals Academy.’

During the conversation, Kawanna opened up about her recent manuscripts, new launches through her academy platform, simple income streams, and many more. 

Author Goals

“My most recent manuscript is ‘Don’t Duck The Government They’ve Got Your Money: How To Make Millions Pitching And Winning Government Contracts’ and it will be available in amazon for purchase along with it’s official website.”- Karwanna D.

New Launches

“I have a 6-week coaching program called ‘Trillion Dollar Government Contracts Accelerator’ where I help entrepreneurs to do business with the US Federal Government through government contracts. This course aims to equip women with the right tools and resources to build business with government Contracts.” – Karwanna D.

Simple Streams of Income

“I always talk about government contract because those particular streams of income lasts 2-5 years sustainably and you have regular paying customers who are premium buyers. Talking about other passive streams of income like investing in stock market, I think now is the best time to make an investment in stock market, as the market is down and all the stocks are on sale. Other streams of income could be like renting out additional cars, rooms or even write a book if you have got a story to tell the world! ” – Karwanna D

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