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Let’s Shatter the Taboos with Modern Moms Probs by Tara Clark

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“I started this platform when my son was four, and I was looking for a way to connect with other mothers because I did not have a lot of in-person friends who were mothers. So I found a community for us, the modern mothers.” – Tara Clark.

Who are we?

“Modern moms probs is an online Instagram community where we as modern mothers come together to talk about things maybe our mothers didn’t talk about publicly. Today, since we have social media, we are able to share and talk about different concepts like the loneliness of motherhood or miscarriages that have been taboo in the past and to acknowledge the fact that we aren’t alone in our experiences.” – Tara

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Tara Clark, the founder of ‘Modern Moms Probs.

During the candid conversation, we covered the unique initiatives of this Instagram community for empowering mothers, taboos concerning motherhood, their latest launches this year.

Modern moms style box

“Modern moms style box is a clothing rental subscription service where members sign up, and they receive three items of clothing per box, and they can switch it out as many times as they want in a given month. I originally came across this idea 20 years ago because I didn’t have enough money for work clothes, so I thought wouldn’t it have been better if we had rental clothes.” – Tara

Shattering taboos concerning motherhood

“Working mothers were treated as a negative taboo years ago, and now I think so many mothers are working at home or outside of the home, and they all deserve respect. And it’s time to shatter that taboo. Secondly, a work-life balance which I would like to replace with work-life effectiveness instead because then it would mean being effective at different areas of your life at any given point of time. And only you can define your effectiveness as only you would know the standards up to which you are living up to.”- Tara.

Launches of the year

“This year, I am going to launch my own podcast, and I am currently in the beginning stage, in search of the guests for my podcast.” – Tara

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