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The Varsity Menopause by Sally Bartlett

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The varsity of menopause aims to deliver support and encouragement to empower women to confidently navigate through this transition period called menopause. The Varsity Menopause is a community of women who sticks together to make this journey easier. 

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an enlightening interview session with Ms. Sally Bartlett, a menopausal health coach, founder of the Varsity Menopause, author, and tenacious woman.

In this interview, we have covered topics about menopause, tips to avoid menopausal overwhelm, mental health problems of menopausal women, and the healthy body mindset recipe for menopausal women.

The Healthy Body Mindset Recipe For Menopausal Women

“This is an online course that I have created for women to get together and work on themselves, look down deep into their soul. I came across this notion while I was coaching women having body-confidence issues. The thing is with menopause, the existing dilemmas that one might be facing since their 20’s or 30’s get magnified, so in order to overcome the same, this course will guide you to enjoy the rest of your life” – Sally.

My journey 

“I became menopausal in my early forties; it was very challenging for me as I lost my confidence, felt isolated, grieved, depressed, and the physiological symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, insomnia, self-doubts just worsened it”- Sally.

“Thankfully, I received help from my health care provider, I tried reaching out to my friends, but nobody wanted to talk about it. So I decided that I need to talk about this and started writing a book: Dammit: it’s menopause”- Sally.

Dammit: it’s menopause.

The book is about meditation for women to achieve clarity and confidence beyond their wildest dreams during this transition. It is meant to be a bunch of funny, inspirational excerpts to read one a day for 365 days to help you realize that you are not alone.

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