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The Roadmap Out of Depression and Hopelessness by Michelle Thielen(Founder of YOGA FAITH)

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About the book ‘Exit Wilderness’

“‘Exit Wilderness’ is actually my story out of depression, and mine was self-inflicted, which came from having an affair, going through a divorce, losing my job, and it went down this spiral really fast. When I went to do that act, there was an audible voice, and it really saved me in that long journey out, so I hope to save people time and heartache with the steps that I took so that they can find their own exit to their wilderness.” – Michelle

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Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview season with Ms. Michelle Thielen, the founder of YOGA FAITH and author of two phenomenal books.

In this interview, we have managed to cover Michelle’s inputs as an author about the books, somatic movement, yoga practices, and how they can help an individual to step out of depression. 

Somatic movement

“Somatic movement is something that we have always done, we might not just call it somatic, but soma and the root of the word is: in the body. When we have tensions, anxieties, or traumas and they are trapped within the body, somatic movement or yoga or dance can literally just shake things out. Body movement, in general, can release these trapped toxins, so somatic movement is all about moving things through your body, mind, and spirit and is super helpful.” – Michelle

About the book ‘Stretching your faith’

“Whatever religion, faith, culture, or background, it is a book that stems from my foundation of Christianity and how we can weave our faith into practice and really connect not just the body and mind but the spirit and soul into everything we do throughout each and every day. Stretching your faith is a biblical journey about what the postures and prayers mean throughout the bible. It really can be interpreted with any religion and culture but it really shows the people how they can take spirituality and make it a part of their day, separating it from masses, church or temple.” – Michelle

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