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Top 5 Most Popular Casino Games

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Casinos have a long tradition in Western culture. The first one opened in 17th century Italy, and the idea has never stopped growing since. However, the internet days have expanded casinos way further than their brick-and-mortar limits. There are online casinos everywhere, all of them offering a myriad of games. Which ones are the most popular, though? How to play them? 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that there’s an online casino game for every taste. After all, thanks to the digital era, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Come with us and learn more about their rules and history.  

All-Time Classics


Although online casinos have plenty of hi-tech options, like 3D and AR games, the most loved games still look like centuries ago. Most of them gained live dealer versions, keeping thousands of enthusiasts connected. Check the top 5 live casino games from 10CRIC for the ultimate live casino experience. Still, before jumping into the real thing, look at the hottest casino games ever and how to play them. 

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5. Craps

Games with dice have been around, at least, since the Ancient Greeks. If Sophocles is believed, games with dice were invented about 400 BC. Yet, even older dice were found in Egypt, dating from 2000 BC. Craps is still the most popular game with dice, a place challenged, maybe, by the British Hazard

Craps is a game of sheer luck with pretty simple rules. Yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t have your strategies. There are three options of bets: pass, don’t pass/don’t come, and laying odds. Pass Line is an even-money bet, which means you’ll win what you bet. Here, you should be hoping for a 7 or 11 rollout, in which case, you win instantly. 

In the second type, your bet goes against the shooter, hoping that he’ll score a low combination of 2 or 3. A rollout of 12 means a “push”, and you can take back your bet. Still, this bet is defeated by a 7 or 11. When you “lay the odds”, you’re betting against everyone on the table. The house has no edge in this case, and your bets can return at a proportion of 1:2, 2:3, or 5:6.

4. Baccarat


Baccarat’s origins are uncertain, although there’s solid evidence pointing to its birth in Italy in the 15th century. The word “baccara” comes from an Italian dialect, meaning “zero”. It makes a lot of sense since Tens and face cards are worth zero in this game. During the French-Italian War, the game was brought to France, still in the 15th century. The name gained a final “t” and conquered the world there.

There are mainly three variations of Baccarat: the Punto Banco, the “chemmy” (or chemin de fer), and the baccarat banque. The Punto Banco variation is widely popular in Macau, where it corresponds to about 90% of casinos’ income. This variation came from Cuba, and it’s prevalent in most online casinos. 

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In the basic rules, players start with two cards, with the option of getting a third one. While tens and face cards are worth zero, the rest is worth their face value. The player who gets closer to nine summing the cards in hand wins the round. However, if the sum exceeds nine, it returns to zero and starts again. For instance, 7 plus 5 isn’t 12, but 2. Read more about other variations here. 

3. Video Poker

Video Poker

Video poker wasn’t yet a thing when Casinò di Venezia opened its doors in 1638. Still, poker is hugely popular today. It’s impossible to think of a casino, virtual or otherwise, without at least a small video poker section. It’s also one of the casino games with the smallest house edge. In fact, chances are nearly 50/50 when the game is played at its best. 

Video poker rules are based on draw poker, also known as Jacks or Better. It’s a pretty simple form of poker and not often played in a professional context. Jacks or Better machines can be “full pay” or “low pay”. Although combinations are ranked as regular poker, the payouts depend on the winning hand. For instance, a Full House awards 9x your stake, while Flush awards only 6x, and so on.

Always check whether your machine is full pay or low pay. While full pay machines have quite generous payouts, the payout percentage drops to 95% in low pay machines. Because the platform doesn’t always disclose payouts, it can be hard to tell full pay from low pay machines. Still, comparing the payouts of Flush and Full House, when possible, it’s the best way to separate both types. 

2. Blackjack

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most famous card games ever. It’s a French game also called Vingt-Un, or 21. The main point here, you guessed right, it’s, to sum up, 21 points in hand. Tens and face cards are worth ten points each, while the Ace is worth 11. So, a combination of Ace with any ten-points card wins the game. 

The original version was played with one deck of 52 cards until the mathematician Edward Thorp ruined the format. In his book, Beat the Dealer, Thorp explains his card counting techniques. His calculations were so precise that many casinos went to court to change the rules and save their businesses. Nowadays, most blackjack games use between four and eight decks, making card counting impossible. 

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Once cards are dealt, the player can opt between stand, hit, split, or double. When you stand, you’re rejecting a new card, and you get a new card when hit. If you’re dealt a pair, you can choose to split it. You can also double down the bets if you have a premium hand. 

1. Slots


Here’s another game that wasn’t there at the dawn of land-based casinos, but no casino can live without these days. Slots were introduced in the market by the end of the 19th century, and it was almost an instant success. The early versions had only three reels and one payline. The action was triggered by pulling a lever, rendering it the nickname “one-armed bandit”. 

Video slots came by in the 70s, freeing the game from its mechanical constraints. Still, a deeper revolution would come when the first slot games went online. Now, it’s possible to find games with the most insane mechanics and thousands of possible payouts. There are mainly four kinds of machines: the multiplier, the single-coin, the progressive jackpot, and mega ways. Megaways and progressive jackpots are among the most popular types. 


Now that you know the basics of the most popular casino games, you’re ready for some serious fun at the platform of your choice. Yet, before playing for real money, consider practising your favourite game on a free platform. Play responsibly and enjoy!

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