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Decoding Breakout Social and NFTs with Victoria (Co-Founder of Breakout Social)

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“Being creative, keeping up with different trends that transition the social world, and getting opportunities to think outside of the norms are the factors that entreat me the most about this career path” – Victoria.

Who are we?

“Breakout social is an audio, social app that offers our users monetization, and we are always bringing new innovations with our technology. It renders a safe space for people to talk about anything they are passionate about as long as they aren’t verbally harming anyone and speak their mind.” – Victoria.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Victoria Vo, one of the co-founders of Breakout Social, an audio SaaS app that monetizes its users to become social.

Hallmarks of Breakout Social

“Well, our number one hallmark is ‘No censorship’, we believe in freedom of speech and as long as one isn’t harming or threatening anyone and are able to have real conversations on topics the users are ardent about. We also have badges for our users that imprint a sense of belonging with external communities and help to grow with them.” – Victoria

“Our users get to be monetized for being social using Breakout social.” – Victoria

Launch of this year

“We are soon launching a feed wall for our users where they can post, like and comment. And another new feature is Be vault which encompasses all the data and as we have an exclusive partnership with Datavault and that partnership allows all our users to be able to monetize on their data that they are generating on our app.” Victoria

NFT marketplace

“For an NFT artist, brand or a user, you get to build a community when you are in breakout and that can elevate the value of an NFT. Once you launch your NFT in our marketplace, your community gets to participate and purchase. One of the cool perks of our partnership with Datavault is that the NFT artists coming on board need not worry about menting and the whole process is taken care for them” – Victoria

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