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The best Organic Brand to Cure Itchy & Dry scalps: Canviiy By the Founder Sherrel Sampson

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Who are we?

“Canviiy is a health and wellness brand, and particularly we specialize in premium scalp care. We have a unique business model where we have partnerships in the healthcare space, travel, and retail fields, but we remain customer-centric. Initially, we thought we were in the beauty business, but later we learned that we were in the liberation business as we were liberating men and women alike from the frustration and agony of dealing with scalp irritation.” – Sherrel

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Sherrel Sampson, the founder of Canviiy, an organic wellness brand. In this interview session, we have managed to cover topics that concern the causes and ways to soothe itchy scalps with Canviiy.

Our latest launches

“We recently launched a shampoo and conditioner based in organic aloe vera, infused with turmeric. And also a scalp balm that is petroleum-free, which is quite rare among scalp balms. Our hero product is our first launch, ‘The Scalp Bliss Itch calming serum’ under our Scalp bliss collection which primarily calms itchy scalps, sun-burned scalps of men and women alike.” – Sherrel

Preparing formulations for our products

“At canviiy, we look at how the synthesis of various organic ingredients could soothe the different scalp conditions of individuals. Working with the research team and the chemist, we evaluate how the ingredients are going to perform together to drive away efficacy and that ultimately leads to our decisions on preparing the formulations of our products.” – Sherrel

What causes Itchy scalps?

“We don’t exactly cure itchy scalps but we soothe and make it better. There are individuals who are born with a certain kind of scalp condition like Eczema, where you have to deal with it on a daily basis.

Another factor could be the different environment conditions or climate that contribute towards dry scalps. Absence of airflow to flow through your scalp due to tight hair tying habits could also lead to dry scalps.” – Sherrel

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