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Your Ultimate Guide to Lube: Benefits, Types, How to use it

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If you have never used lube while getting intimate with your partner, you’re missing out! Many believe it is for people experiencing vaginal dryness during sex. While that is true, lube is generally great for ensuring better and safe sex. The wetter you are, the lesser friction there will be. It means less pain and discomfort and increased pleasure. All in all, a win-win situation for both partners that leads to great sex life

We have prepared a complete and thorough guide on lube, so keep reading!  

What is lube?

It’s a simple product that has immense value in bed for every kind of person irrespective of their age and experience! Lube or lubricant is a gel or liquid used during sex to prevent and reduce undesired friction. It also helps in making the act more pleasurable for both partners. Whether going solo or with a partner, having a lube handy is always beneficial. 

You can use it during many kinds of sexual activities such as: 

  • Masturbation
  • Foreplay
  • Penetrative vaginal sex
  • Anal sex
  • Erotic massages

What are the benefits of using lube?

Water Based Creamy White Lube

There are many benefits of lubing up during sex!  

  • It helps in case of vaginal dryness

The vagina is a self-lubricating organ. Upon arousal, it produces extra lubrication to make penetration comfortable and less painful. But, arousal can take time sometimes. Secondly, vaginal dryness can happen due to several reasons such as lack of enough foreplay, hormonal shifts during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, childbirth or menopause, medications, and more. A one-stop solution to this problem is lube! 

  • Reduces pain and enhances pleasure

All those who believe sex is supposed to be a painful activity are gravely mistaken! Sex should, at all times, be a pleasurable act for both partners. Vaginal dryness can happen to anyone and at any point in life – it is common. So, why wince in pain when you can lube up and enjoy it! 

  • Makes anal sex better 

Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce any lubrication at all. Hence, using lube during anal sex can prove beneficial. It will not only reduce pain during sex but also the risks of tears and abrasions. 

  • Ensures safe sex 

As lube reduces friction, it can prevent unwanted tears and injuries of the vagina or anus during intercourse. If you use a condom barrier method during sex, lube reduces the chances of the condom tearing too. It also reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections. Thus, you can take your mind off the various anxieties and enjoy sex with your partner. 

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Who should use lube and when? 

sex in water

Anyone who wants to have pleasurable sex can use lube! Don’t be under the impression that only older people going through menopause need it. No, anyone can, and everyone should use lube during sex. 

What are the types of lubes?

There are many types of lubes, each with its own pros and cons. 

1. Water-based lube

Water-based lube, a water-soluble applicant, is the most commonly used one. This type of lube does not contain oil, silicone, or other greasy substances. It is like the natural body fluids such as vaginal discharge and saliva. 

Pros of water-based lube

  • Water-based lube is the safest to use with condoms – both latex and non-latex. 
  • It is easily available and economical. 
  • Using this will not stain the bed sheets. It is easily washable too. 
  • It is safe to ingest. So, you can switch between penetrative and oral sex. 
  • You can use it with any sex toy without damaging it. 

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Cons of water-based lube

  • It absorbs into the skin pretty quickly. So, you may need to keep it handy and reapply it. It is a con for two reasons – first, it interrupts your sex, and second, the bottle gets over pretty quickly. 

2. Silicone-based lube 

Silicone-based lubes are more slippery and smooth than water-based ones. 

Pros of silicone-based lube

  • Silicone-based lube is hypoallergenic. Thus, it is suitable for those with sensitive skin and mostly won’t create a reaction. 
  • This type of lube lasts longer than others. That means lesser reapplications and lesser interruptions during your intimate moments. 
  • It is good for shower sex as it won’t wash away as easily as water-based lube. 
  • Silicone-based lubes are also safe to use with any condom. 

Cons of silicone-based lube

  • It can be hard to wash off this lube.  
  • It also damages the surface of silicone sex toys. 

3. Oil-based lube 

Oil-based lubricants are your go-to option if reapplication during the ongoing act bothers you. However, it has its downsides too. 

Pros of oil-based lube

  • They last longer, without needing to reapply again and again. 
  • Oil-based lubes are great for massage time during foreplay. 

Cons of oil-based lube

  • Oil-based lube can break the latex condoms, thus defeating the purpose of protection. 
  • It can even stain your sheets that may not wash off easily. 
  • This lube can also increase your risk of yeast infections. 

4. Natural lube 

If you are worried about the effect of certain ingredients in commercial lubes, many alternatives are using natural ingredients available in the market. Even some natural ingredients, easily found at home, can be safely used, such as: 

  • Sweet almond oil
  • Coconut oil 
  • Aloe vera
  • Ghee

However, a few ingredients like petroleum jelly, lotion, creams, soaps, butter, vegetable oils, refined oils, baby oils, essential oils, and spit should be avoided. 

Pros of natural lube

  • Many natural lubes are paraben-free, a commonly used preservative with known health risks.
  • The ingredients used are safe for your vagina as well as the environment. 

Cons of natural lube

  • Oil-based natural lubes are not safe when using condoms as they can lead to breakage. They can thus increase your risk of unwanted pregnancies. They can also stain your sheets. 
  • Every natural ingredient may not suit everybody. Hence, it is better to try it out on your skin before using it in your intimate areas.  

How do you use lube?

Using lube is not rocket science; it is easy. If you are using a condom, apply it on the outside of the condom after you wear it. Go ahead and rub a few drops of lube on the vagina or the anus. There is no specific amount you should be using – do what suits you and your partner the best! Just remember to choose the right one based on the purpose of use. Read our types of lubes section that can help you pick. 


Whether vaginal dryness is present or not present, lube can be your go-to companion when looking for a pleasurable and comfortable sexy bedtime. There are various types of lubes available. So, consider the pros and cons of each of them before choosing the one that fits your needs!

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