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5 Tips For Keeping Active During The Pandemic While Staying Safe at Home

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If there is one thing that is getting people down during the pandemic, it’s the boredom from being at home all the time. With the option of going to work or the store for grocery shopping as the only reason to go out in these times, people can get a bit cranky. And one can only stare at the walls for so long.

So I’ve listed below a few ways to keep yourself busy during the pandemic. Don’t worry, all within the safety of your home.

1. Board games

This one is for the whole family. Getting out those games and challenging everyone on a boring day definitely livens up the mood. Even betting on chores and other things can help improve interest in playing the game. It’s commonly noted that after a fun night together, laughing, competing, and teaming up during a game played with the whole family definitely makes everyone happier and even strengthens the bonds with one another.

2. Reading

The fun thing about reading is that it can be done in the comfort of your home. Lying down on your bed or couch? Pull out a book to read and have a cup of coffee as a companion. Set up a Goodreads challenge and see if you can read as many books as in your challenge. With the easy ways to acquire books these days, e.g., Amazon, smash words…etc. Reading is becoming one of the most popular ways to spend your free time. Fantasy books are my favourite. Reading just transports you into another world without you having to literally go anywhere. Who wouldn’t enjoy that kind of escapism?

3. Baking/cooking

Doing this alone is fun but doing it with a loved one makes it a very enjoyable experience and helps you get something tasty to snack on or a very delicious meal for dinner. It may sound like hard work, but it is very rewarding.

4. Colouring mandalas

The best part about colouring mandalas is that it acts as a stress reliever. If you’re unable to get a mandala colouring book from your local bookstore, then you can always download a colouring app from yoir phone’s app store.

5. Binge-watch your favourite series

Yes. This does sound nice. As a matter of fact, I now want to go and watch some of the anime series I’ve downloaded long ago and haven’t had the time to watch.

And the most dreaded, spring cleaning

Do you know that cupboard/room/garage that keeps piling up with junk that you have been putting off cleaning out? Well, now is the best time to finally put your free time into sorting out that mess.

Is the yard also in a mess? Well, now you can get on that weeding and planting. With the pandemic going on, no one knows when exactly things will go back to normal. So, for now, you know that you better get on things that need your attention at home. We can always have a lazy day the next day.

Even rearranging the furniture can help keep you occupied for a while, and you know you’ve done something productive at the end of the day.
There are many more ways to spend your free time at home; all you have to do is do whatever you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the time to do it.

Let’s all keep staying safe and following health and safety protocols when going out but try to keep our spirits up when we are at home.

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Nerissa Krijay Naidoo
Nerissa Krijay Naidoo, dedicated wife and mom, spends most of her free time doing what she enjoys most-writing. As a passion and dream of hers, Nerissa has always envisioned her writing to be a source of inspiration to those who read it. When she isn’t writing, Nerissa is usually catching up on her favourite Anime and Superhero T.V. Shows.

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