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Busted: The Perfect Diet is a Myth

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The perfect diet is a myth. No diet is perfect for every person. If you have tried many fad diets unsuccessfully, you will know what I mean.

Healthy eating has to become a lifestyle instead of a regimented diet plan to be successful. To endure and create lasting results, eating habits have to make sense and be easy to manage.

1. Don’t Deny Yourself

Elimination diets do not often work because your body ends up craving whatever it is you have eliminated from your diet. This especially applies to things we consider a treat or reward, like chocolate or a glass of wine, or a piece of cake. You get the picture; if you punish yourself, you will never stick to any diet or eating regime.

2. Elimination Diets

If you follow an elimination diet due to health constraints such as allergies or sensitivities, stick to it until you recognize the impact on your body and overall health. If your health is severely affected by consuming certain foods (think Celiac Disease, etc.), of course, you must stick to the elimination diet specifically for you. 

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However, if you have eliminated certain foods because it is the current fad, be reasonable.

For example, if you love bananas, lower your intake of bananas, but don’t eliminate them completely. Even though bananas are high on the glycemic index and, therefore, taboo in most diets, they are tasty and offer many nutrients.

3. Have and Keep a Goal in Mind

Start with and try to adhere to your goal, whether to lose pounds, to eat healthier or both. Once you start seeing results, the goal will be much easier to achieve. You can modify your goal as you progress. For example, if your goal is to lose twenty pounds and you reach that goal, you can decide how strict you need to be to maintain the weight loss. 

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4. Do Your Research

Before you begin dieting or changing your eating habits, research your methods. For example, giving up carbohydrates completely is a broad and unhealthy plan. Carbohydrates can be healthy; you just need to know which ones are beneficial and which ones are not.

5. Implement a Support System

If you are embarking on new eating habits, but those around you do not eat healthily, you will never be able to stick to your goal. If you are the primary grocery shopper and chef in your home, it is much easier to implement a support system, often without others even realizing it. For example, stop buying processed foods and stick to healthier, fresh produce and ingredients. You may have to spend more time in the kitchen, but it will be worth it. 


No one diet is perfect, successful, and sustainable for everyone. If someone tells you that, they are promoting a myth. It is more important and healthier to find what works best for you. Your lifestyle, willpower, and even your support system must all be considered. 

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