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Human Life is a shake of Numbers; What Numerology Say On It

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The first and last identity of a human is used in the form of a number. The universe also communicates amongst humans through numbers only. 

Even the machine language of a supercomputer is also 0 (zero) and 1 (one), the numbers to convert everything for understanding, calculating, and analyzing the data and facts for providing the results in any language.

“Nothing in the universe is beyond the numbers, everything in the universe is denoted by the numbers.”

Human life belongs to a number from Morning to Night, from start to end:

Number – 1 

Denotes the light/ energy and controlling power. When we need a light in a closed room or in the house, we use the energy of electricity in lieu of the Sun to remove the darkness of that area. We always need the ruler’s personality to control the crowd.

Example: Leader or Administrator.

Number – 2 

Denotes peace and cooperation. We do meditation for mental peace and always need cooperation from others, i.e., family members, colleagues, friends, relatives, etc. likewise, the Moon needs sunlight to shine at night.

Example: Supporter or Partner.

Number – 3 


Denotes the wisdom and communication towards the almighty, i.e., three Nadi as Ida, Pingala, Sushumna and Vata, Pitta, and Kafa are the major parts to communicate and cover the human body, mind, and soul by left, right, and center in terms of Yoga as well as Ayurveda respectively.

Example: Teacher, Doctor, or Life coach.

Number – 4 

Denotes the foundation and discipline, i.e., four pillars of the building, four legs of table-chair, and the four directions to get NEWS; North, East, West, South. We need proper discipline and strategic planning in our daily schedule to get the result-oriented outputs.

Example: Personal secretary or Day planner.

Number – 5 

Denotes the quick decision and communication towards humanity. The human body is made of 5 elements, i.e., Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Sky. The adventurous and interpersonal relationship of these elements is the best example of balancing power decisions and communication in the human body and human life as well.

Example: Communicator or Pathfinder.

Number – 6 


Denotes family care and wealth. The human is only the creature of the universe who knows the value of family and care. We do our duties and daily routine work for us as well as for our family. A healthy life and relationship are a real wealth of humans.

Example: Mother or Wife.

Number – 7 

Denotes the deep thoughts of spirituality and enlightenment. Someone who is near to spirituality can only understand the indication and signal from the universe. The enlightened human is never greedy for anything. Balanced deep thoughts are the base for living a tension-free and stress-free life.

Example: Priest or Sage.

Number – 8 

Denotes continuous hard work and services. Just imagine the fan in the summer season is continuous ‘ON’ to provide the air for a relaxed feeling for everyone. The service of humanity is the worship of God. It is only the way to get the abundance of prosperity from the almighty.

Example: Servant, Watchman, or Helper.

Number – 9 

It denotes the enthusiasm to complete the task. We must have a self-commitment with trust to complete our task in a given time. The human is only the subject to do the activity for human welfare.

Example: Soldier or Commander.

Hence, after leaving the bed in the morning, from start to end to go to sleep at night, each and every step of human life represents a number.

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